Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

Hey guys 🙋‍♂️, Termux is an awesome tool that we use to do all sorts of advanced stuff, but while learning termux we only focus on Advanced tools of Termux But there are a few termux basic commands/tools that are more awesome than advanced tools, so in this post, I am gonna give you a list of termux Top 10 Basic commands and tools that will help you to use termux like a pro user🔥.  

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

These are my Top Favorite tools/commands in the section of basics of termux, also, I have given the description of the tool and if you wanna download or use them then you can find the complete post link about that tool/command at the end of that tool description.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands in 2021 :

These are my Top favorite Secret Tools of Termux, This is Just my Opinion and If have your own list then Make sure you comment down below.  

1. Termux Basic Command List ( All Commands of Termux):

Termux is a great tool that allows you to access and Use advanced Linux tools without root on your android phone. Termux is Command-line based and to use this app the most basic thing you should know is commands. in this post, you are going to learn about the most basic commands in the termux app.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

If you know all the basic commands, you can easily navigate in termux, and please practice this command so you can learn more advanced stuff more easily. This post the number post of termux that you must read in order to learn termux.

Termux Basic Commands List ]

2. Enable Extra Keys in Termux  :

While using termux when we have to use keys like control alt or up or down arrow we use Touch keyboard which comes in by default with termux app. But in that touch keyboard, we don't get arrow right and arrow left as well as other keys which we can see on a normal keyboard.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

To access extra keys while using termux, a lot of uses, as well as YouTubers, install the hacker's keyboard. In my opinion, it is just a waste of storage and changing my Google keyboard with a new complicated keyboard just to use termux is too much effort for me. By reading this post you will learn how you can easily enable Extra Keys in termux by using a single command. 

[ Enable Extra Keys in Termux ]

3. Open any File Inside Termux:

If you use termux a lot you will notice that you can't open any file in termux because it Command-Line-Interface and to open any file, for example, an Image file you usually move that file to your Internal storage then you open it by using any image Viewer. It really takes 1 min for us to just see an image file. Another problem that we all face is while using Metasploit or "say-cheez" or any kind of tool that helps us to get Files from the Victim, we always first move it to the Internal storage and then see it, and while wasting our important time on viewing the image we sometimes miss our chance to get the actual data because the connections with the other party get disconnected. 

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

To solve all these problems there is a single command and it can help us to see the received file almost instantly. we can see the image in less than 10 seconds and that will save a lot of hustle of moving file here and there. If you don't know how to open files in termux then trust me, this is the simplest method.  

[ Open Files inside Termux ]

4. Clean Your Termux Storage :

While using Termux we install a lot of tools and after some time we don't use Those Tools but there is no Uninstall button for any tool and we don't even know which tools are taking more space and which tool we should delete to Clear Storage in our Termux app.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

To solve all these storage issues we will use commands that will help us to identify all the Storage Eating files in Termux. the post will be really helpful if you live at a place where the internet is costly and you cannot reinstall your termux every time you wanna clean it.

[ Clean Termux Storage 2021 ]

5. How to Download Files In Termux - 2021:

When we use termux some times we need some files in order to make some tools word like if you will try to use FotoSploit(An awesome tool for Phishing💓) you will have to download a photo from the internet so that you can add that photo to the preview of that phishing link.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

In that case, mostly we open a browser and download the desired photo than in the termux we navigate to the folder where the file is downloaded then we copy that file in the folder where the tool is so that we can use it. This is a lot of work, Instead, we can use a simple command to download the file directly in the termux folder.

[ How to Download Files in Termux ]

6. Termimage - Display Images in Termux Terminal:

Termimage is a simple package in termux that allows you to print any image file inside the termux terminal in text art format. This command is helpful if you wanna print any image in the terminal. also sometimes when we are using termux and we are working with multiple files at the same time and if we wanna look quickly inside an image file to see if it's the right one or not then this package can help us there.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

The Important thing to keep here in mind that this will not show you clear images If the image file size is large. so this will work better with logos than the image that you have captured with your phone camera. If you wanna add your youtube channel or any logo in termux when you open any session then termimage can help, also if you are creating tools for termux then you can also use this tool to print something fancy in the terminal.

7. Termux SSH : Use Termux in Windows Using SSH Server:

SSH stands for secure shell and it a cryptographic network protocol. With The help of ssh two computers can access data without any third person intercepting in between. It is more secure than other protocols because it is encrypted. You can use ssh in Termux to make a Private tunnel for you so that you can access your Termux in Windows easily.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

Termux is CLI-based so while accessing the termux in Windows you will feel like it's installed on your computer. It never lags, It does not disconnect, and it never malfunctions, You can easily install tools while using it with windows If you have Windows then You should try this.

[ Termux SSH : Use Termux in Windows Using SSH Server ]

8. Termux Encryption : Encrypt and Decrypt Files in Termux:

Now a Day's Encryption 🔐 is The most common method To Protect the data from unauthorized access even if it is Stolen. And we all use some applications to secure our data but is it really safe? In this post, you will learn how you can Encrypt your own data in Termux and Deycrypt it whenever you want with your private password.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

You can Encrypt any file using this method, Like images, Audio files, Video Files, Text files, and If you have a Big Folder of data then you can convert that folder into a Zip File and you can Encrypt it using the Termux-Encryption method. If you are a beginner then you should try these commands at least on time. 

[ Encryption and Decryption using Termux ]

9. Use CMatrix Package Like a Pro:

See matrix is a package in Termux that does not help you to hack anything but it gives you a hacking screensaver effect on your smartphone. This effect is famous because of the matrix movie which came in 1999. You can use this package to prank your friends or you can just use it as a screensaver. There are Some people who do know about the Cmatrix package but they don't know no that they can use some command to get different effects.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

I know this is really a beginner Tool but trust me in this post I have given all the pro commands of the Cmatrix that worth a try 💯. 

[ Use CMatrix Like a Pro in Termux ]

10. Termux Secret Commands : 10 Cool Commands Termux - 2021 :

Termux is the Best tool for Android phone that Turns your phone into a Hacking Machine but There are some Cool Termux Commands that Does not help you to hack anything but they are Fun to use, So I took a break from the serious stuff and I created a list of  The Top 10 Temux Secret Commands That no one is talking about.

Top 10 Termux Basic Commands & Tools 🔥That You Must Know💯

I know this is a List of Basic Termux Commands But this must be in this list because in this post I have given you a lot of termux basic commands that no one knows about. 

[ Termux Secret Commands That every beginner should know ]


These are the top 10 Termux Basic Commands. if you were expecting the list of some deadly tools of termux then the list is yet to come,  These are basic commands but most people also don't know about them. Make sure you check them all. Now, Enjoy these commands.  If you have any favorite list of your own then make sure you let me know in the comments. Thanks For reading Guys, and as always Stay Ethical.👾

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