How to Download Files In Termux

I have written multiple posts about termux tools where you have to use some files in termux, and in order to use those file you need to download them from the internet in termux, and I am getting comments about how to download and move files in termux, so in this post, I am gonna show how you can Download any file in Termux using a single commandπŸ”₯.

Why do you need to Download files in Termux?

When we use termux some times we need some files in order to make some tools word like if you will try to use FotoSploit(Awesome tool for PhishingπŸ’“) you will have to download a photo from the internet so that you can add that photo to the preview of that phishing link.

How to Download Files In Termux - 2021

In that case, mostly we open a browser and download the desired photo than in the termux we navigate to the folder where the file is downloaded then we copy that file in the folder where the tool is so that we can use it. This is a lot of work, Instead, we can use a simple command to download the file directly in the termux folder. it will literally save you time and it really necessary for a hacker to do tasks as fast as possible. Also if you are here to know how you can download Youtube videos with termux then should check out this post : [ Termux-YTD : Download Youtube Videos with Termux - 2020 ].

How to Download Any File in Termux:

To download any file in termux we need to first install a single package name wget, this package installation is only a one time job, and as long as you don't delete termux you can download anything you want in a single command.

To Install wget in temux you just have to type the below command in termux. wget is a small package and it won't take more than 10 sec to download. 
pkg install wget -y
How to Download Files In Termux - 2021

if you are getting any errors while installing then you can type pkg update and your problem will be solved.  

Now to Download any file in Termux you just have to follow the below 2 steps:

Step 1:

Copy the URL of the file you wanna download, and make sure you are copying the URL of the file and not the webpage. If you don't know the difference then keep in mind that if your Copied URL is ending with some file extension then it's a URL of some file, Else you are copying the wrong URL. To copy the URL of the file you wanna download you can open the main website of that image and copy it from there. you can also copy URL of any Image on my website and it will download perfectly. To copy an URL just long-press on the image you wanna download, and click on the copy link address.

How to Download Files In Termux - 2021

Step 2:

Now you have the link of the file and to download that file inside the termux you just have to type wget and then you have to paste your URL and the file will be downloaded in your current working directory.
wget The-Link-of-the-file
How to Download Files In Termux - 2021

If you just quickly wanna test this tool then you can copy and paste this example command:


After downloading the file type ls and press enter and you will see your downloaded file. You can also type wget -h to find out more about wget tool.

If you wanna know how you can open that file in the termux and see it then you should read this post : [How to Open any File In Termux] 


This was a simple guide of how you can easily download any file in termux by just using one simple command. Keep in mind that Wget will only install the data inside the termux and you won't be able to see it inside your internal storage.  If you this kind of simple tricks post then you should read πŸ“‚[How To Open Any FIle in Termux]. Also, you can check out my other post like how to [Install Parrot-OS shell in Termux]πŸ”₯. If you want more single command scripts then make sure you comment down below. You can also ask any questions in the comments. Thanks for reading and as always Stay EthicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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  1. If I need to copy link from direct source everytime then I think it is very less work that I download it directly instead of copying link and going in termux and then paste it isn't it?, i am just curious and want to know which is better ..

    1. Well you can download 1000 of content by creating a script using this method. But yes if you need to download something normal like or a wallpaper in your phone then this method is not the best way you can do it.

      The purpose of this method is to directly download projects like .tar or .zip fine in termux, this way you don't have to copy and paste the project into you termux manually.