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LearnTermux.Tech Group Links List 2022

  • These Groups are only for Students who want to learn and Discuss Termux.
  • No form of piracy or illegal activity will be supported.
  • You can share ideas and make friends.
  • Don't post any kind of advertisements in the group else you will be removed without giving any warning.
  • I am also looking for people who can become admins of these groups and make this community better. feel free to DM if you want to become one ( of course with a valid reason).

LearnTermux.tech Group #01

LearnTermux.tech Group #02

LearnTermux.tech Group #03

Leantermux.tech Discord Server:

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  1. sir i want to learn ethical hacking i can afford a laptop but i want compact and handheild hacking device so can you me how to hack with termux


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