How to Open any File In Termux

In this post, you are going to Learn about How you can open any File in termux using a single command. This Command is gonna save you a lot of time while using termux.

Why we need to Open files in termux?

If you use termux a lot you will notice that you can't open any file in termux because it Command-Line-Interface and to open any file for example an Image file you usually move that file to your Internal storage then you open it by using any image Viewer. It really takes 1 min for us to just see an image file.

How to Open any File In Termux - 2020

Another problem that we all face is while using Metasploit or "say-cheez" or any kind of tool that helps us to get Files from the Victim, we always first move it to the Internal storage and then see it, and while wasting our important time on viewing the image we sometimes miss our chance to get the actual data because the connections with the other party get disconnected.

To solve all these problems there is a single command and it can help us to see the received file almost instantly. we can see the image in less than 10 seconds and that will save a lot of hustle of moving file here and there.

How to Open Files In Termux:

Below I have completely explained everything about the termux File open system with Categories so you don't miss it when you need it the most.

Open Any file in Termux  : 

Using termux We can Open any file regardless of The format of the file. So to open any file you just need to use the below command. and it will open the file in the default file viewer of that file format.
termux-open filename or path


Eg: termux-open saad.jpg

Eg: Termux-open onmyway.mp3

So as you can see you can Type any file name with the Extention of the file in the above command and will open in your image Viewer.

Open files In a Particular file viewer:

If you want to view your file in a particular file viewer, like, you are opening an image from termux and want it to open in Picsart Image Viewer and not in your default image Viewer then You can use the Below option of the same command in Termux apk.
termux-open --choose filename.jpg


This will open a bottom slider where you can select any image Viewer from your phone.

Open files in any other Format :

If You know Encryption then you can understand that you need to open some files in different formats to see the actual data and to open files in different formats we can use the below command.

termux-open --content-type format filename.jpg


Example if you have an image file and you want it to open as a text file you will use termux-open --content-type text image.jpg

Share a File on Whatsapp Using Termux:

using the below command you can share any file from termux to WhatsApp or any other social media🔥.  You will just need the below command.
termux-open --send filename

after you enter this command you will see the bottom slider where you can select any social media. 


A lot of us are using the old method to open files in termux but this command is very helpful for viewing images or any other files in termux apk. This command you will really save you so much time and make you a pro termux user. I have explained everything in detail about this command but if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys and as always stay ethical👾.

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