About us

The Questions:

  • Do you know someone passionate about technology but lacks a computer at home?
  • Are you acquainted with someone who accomplishes incredible feats solely using their smartphone?
  • Have you encountered an individual whose phone might be half-broken but possesses an unparalleled knowledge of phones?

Who I am?

Hey, I am Saad Maqsood,

In the college circle, many of my friends grapple with limited resources, barely able to afford a smartphone. Residing in hostels without access to computers, they face significant challenges. I empathize deeply because, for a considerable duration in my life, I, too, navigated the world of technology without the luxury of a computer, relying solely on my smartphone to gain a fundamental understanding of technology.

The Problem: 

In the present day, there's a pervasive curiosity about technology, but only a select few take the initiative to dive into it. Most people limit their smartphone usage to gaming and social media. Yet, there are individuals who stretch their limits, seeking knowledge. Often, they struggle to find accurate information on specific topics.

Purpose of this site: 

Termux is an exceptional app due to its extensive support for programming languages, packages, and an array of versatile tools. With Python at its core, it opens doors to an infinite realm of projects. If the projects available on the internet don't quite meet your expectations, you have the power to create your own tools.

On this platform, I'm committed to delivering a comprehensive resource on the Termux app. My goal is to provide articles written in simple, understandable language, ensuring that Termux's potential is accessible to everyone.

If you have innovative ideas or burning questions, don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me directly or engage by leaving comments on any post. I'm always available for something exiting and new. 

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  1. Nice to know you.
    Resemble me 8 yrs back, hostel life and struggle.
    Thanks for the hard work.
    Keep going.
    Inspiration to me.

  2. Yours is a good and helpful site to learn Termux. Thanks for it.
    Can a remotely access sms be decoded, an sms encoded on Base64? Please let me know how.

    1. Thanks ,Yes You can decode it in linux by following this link base64

  3. Thanks, Saad, like your site, go ahead like this. Do you know why termux-battery-status hangs when called in a ssh session (which means from a remote pc)?

    1. Welcome bro, I really appreciate your comment.
      I have written post on SSH, I don't think it have to do anything with SSH, You need to install the Termux API application from play store if you don't already have. I need to try this, If you are still struggling then comment back and I will do my best to give you a working solution.

  4. Please Ur instagram profile bro

  5. Helo bro I wmat to know more about this can you share telegram or WhatsApp please