The Questions:

Do you know someone who is curious about technology but Don't have a computer at home?
Do you know a person how does really crazy things by only using there smartphone?
Do you know anyone with a half-broken phone but that person knows about phones more than anyone?

Who I am?

Hey, I am Saad Maqsood,

I have a lot of friends who are in college but they can barely afford a smartphone, they live in the hostel and they don't have access to a computer, I also didn't hade a computer for a very long period of my life and I learned basic about technology using my smartphone.

The Problem: 

Nowadays a lot of people want to learn about technology but only few of them really try to learn and maximum people just use their phone to play games and use social media all day but there are people who push there limits Try to find the data to Gain some Knowledge but a lot of time they don't find correct information at a particular topic.

Purpose of this site: 

I love the termux App, it's a great supports programming languages, packages, Tools. It has python and python that have an infinite amount of projects, not satisfied with the project on the internet? create your own tools.

At this site, I am going to upload every possible detail about the termux app and post articles in simple words so everyone can understand the termux.

if you have any idea or any questions you can just contact me or comment on any post I will more then happy to reply to you.