Use CMatrix Package Like a Pro

What is CMatrix?

See matrix is a package in Termux that does not help you to hack anything but it gives you a hacking screensaver effect hon your smartphone. This effect is famous because of the matrix movie which came in 1999. You can use this package to prank your friends or you can just use it as a screensaver. There are Some people who do know about the Cmatrix package but they don't know no that they can use some command to get different effects.

How to Install CMatrix in Termux?

To install CMatrix in your termux you just have to use pkg install command. Just open your termux App and paste or type below command

pkg install cmatrix

CMatrix package will be installed on your Termux in less than 10 seconds.

How to get different types of Screen Effects in Cmatrix?

In Matrix package there are some command-line arguments to get different effects of the matrix in Termux. Here is a list of all commands with their output effect.

Note: You can exit from this effect by Pressing Ctrl + C.

Asynchronous scroll :

The asynchronous scroll is the basic effect that you get when you use Cmatrix command. This mode is by default set when you type Cmatrix in termux.

cmatrix -a

Bold characters on :

"Bold characters on" argument will randomly throw some bold text in between the matrix effect which will create a little bit saturated screen for you.

cmatrix -b

All Bold characters :

This effect will give you the rainfall effect of all bold characters. In this effect every character will be bold and it will give you a saturated Green screen of falling text.

cmatrix -B

Japanese characters :

This effect will give you the real Japanese character effect that is used in The Matrix movie but if your phone does not have any chinese font installed then instead of Chinese characters you will see some garbage value. which looks like a system crashing effect.
`cmatrix -c

Force the Linux $Term :

All the other commands will open a new frame and start the screensaver but by using -f argument you will be able to print all this effect on your screen. You can even scroll while the screensaver is still running. 

cmatrix -f 

Lock Mode :

This mode will lock the termux and to unlock it you must exit the session. In any cmatrix session, you can press control + c and you will be out from the screensaver but only this mode requires you do exit the terminal.

cmatrix -L

Old Style Scroll :

This effect will give you a feel of old-style terminal scrolling where we don't see any effects, we just see text droping at the same speed in a linear fashion.

cmatrix -o

No Bold:

This effect will override all the Bold characters and give you thin, non-bold characters which will give you a more modern effect.

cmatrix -n

Screensaver Mode :

On the screen saver mode the effect will be default( asynchronous) but when you will hit any key on the keyboard the effective will immediately end. By using this mod you don't have to press control + c to exit.

cmatrix -s

X window Mode :

This effect will print it upward arrows on your screen and fill it with some Astric signs and with letter L. You can see the effect in the picture given below. 

cmatrix -x

Speed Control :

By using this argument you will be able to control the speed of the effect. The speed ranges between 0 to 10, the default speed is 4. You can change the speed by just increasing and decreasing the value in the below command.

cmatrix -u 7

Change Color :

You can change the colours by using this argument. The colour choices that you have are green, red, blue, white, yellow, Magenta, and black. Just replace any of this colour name with the colour name in below command.

cmatrix -C red

Rainbow Mode :

If you are a big fan of Joker this mod is for you, in this mode you will be able to see multi coloured text in a matrix also remind us the old Arcade game screen.

cmatrix -r

Lambda Mode :

In Lambda mode you won't see e alphabets instead you will see lambda signs.

cmatrix -m

Bonus Tip :

You can pinch the screen on how to make the font look bigger or smaller in any mode. You can also use multiple arguments in a single command like

cmatrix -B -o -s -u 8 -C red

Conclusion :

The CMatrix package is just a basic tool that will help you to mimic the hacked phone screen Effect, you can also scare the victim by saying that you started hacking them and they can see the process on Your phone screen right now. You can also use this package if you wanna shoot some sci-Fi videos. You can always start matrix effect in your termux and put it near your computer and it will give a really nice look to your desk. If you want to make your termux look like a Hacking machine by changing the termux theme you can check out this post [Awesome Hacker Themes for Termux]. Thanks for reading guys and as always stay ethicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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  1. flawless blog!

    i have one question though ... is there anyway to get the Rainbow Mode as a color style in termux?

    1. If You are talking about theme then, yes you can get similar theme just check out Termux Awesome Themes