Termux:Styling - Customize your Termux Terminal

Hey guys πŸ™‹‍♂️, Termux is one of the best tool when it comes to android Hacking and Scripting and by default the termux terminal theme is really basic, Just white text on black background. If you have used linux then you will know that you get multiple color schemes to change your appearance, well you can do that in termux too. To get multiple color schemes in your termux you have to install an add-on name Termux:Styling. Using termux Style plug-in, you will get options to select different types of color scheme for your termux terminal πŸ”₯.

Termux:Styling - Customize your Termux Terminal

What is Termux Styling?

Termux Styling is a plugin that allows you to change the appearance of your termux terminal. It gives you a GUI based option in your termux where you can see multiple color schemes for termux  as well as multiple fonts that you can select with a click of a button. This simple add-on will to make your termux more appealing and interesting to use. 

Termux:Styling - Customize your Termux Terminal

There are Other ways to change your termux theme too, but Termux:Styling is the only way where you will get theme or style option in GUI format. 

How to Download Termux Styling for Free?

Make sure you have downloaded the Termux from the f-droid and not from playstore or else the add-ons will not get installed. If you wanna know how to install termux latest updated version then read : Download Termux : Install latest version of Termux - 2022 ]

1st Method:

To download termux Styling, you Just have to click on the download button below and the APK will be downloaded in your phone, The size of apk is almost 18 Mb, and the download speed will depend upon your internet connection.
Download Termux Widget for Free

Just install that APK and if you see a successful installation, then you are done with the download part.

2nd Method:

If the above downloaded APK is not working or it is showing "app not installed error" then you can just go to the F-Droid Termux Styling Page and try to download the latest version available.

How to Use Termux Styling?

Using termux Styling add-on you can change theme as well as font, the process to change the font as well as change the theme are exactly. So here I am going to show you the step to change the theme.

Step 1:

After installing the plug-in, open the termux terminal like you normally do and long press in the center of the terminal, You see an option name "More...", Just click on it.

Step 2:

Now you have to select the Style option. Just tap on the Style in the given menu.

Step 3:

Now Here you will get 2 options, one for "CHOOSE COLOR" and second for "CHOOSE FONT", you can select either of them, I am going to change theme, so I am going to select Choose Color option.

Termux:Styling - Customize your Termux Terminal

Step 4:

After selecting "choose color", You will get list of color schemes provided by termux developers, you can select any theme you want. Just click on any theme, and it will be instantly applied to your terminal. If you don't like the theme that you have selected, then you can change it using the same method.

Termux:Styling - Customize your Termux Terminal

Advance Info to know about termux theme:

Termux-Styling Plugin have a lot of themes, and It will change color schemes and fonts. If you code on termux then it will change the color according to syntax of the language. Keep in mind that termux styling is not the best way to change themes in termux, If you really want to make your termux look fabulous then make sure you check outTop 5 Theme Changing Tool For Termux For 2022πŸ”₯ ].


Termux:Styling is a fine way to customize your termux terminal it is not that lightweight like other theme changing tools, but the unique thing is that it gives you a GUI interface to change themes. It is by developers, so it contains some new themes too. I think I like the Z-Shell Theme tool the most because of its unique interface. I have written this post because I want to cover all the Termux add-ons. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys and as always stay ethicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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