How to Install Z-Shell The Best Theme For Termux

ZShell is a top-rated shell that will not only change the interface of your terminal but add some extra features to it. Z shell gives you the option to select from more than 40 color schemes.

Z shell is also useful to detect if your command is right and helps you to navigate easily by showing available options. The left side of your cursor will show the path you are in. If multiple sessions are open in your termux app every session will have a unique name and it will help you to select the correct terminal and you don't have to open every session one by one find the correct session.

You can also change the font in Zshell you can switch to a new theme whenever you want by just typing a single command. Z shell is a project on GitHub which is created by 4679 on GitHub.

How to install Z-Shell on Termux?

Step 1:
This command will check the pre-installed packages and update them to the current date.
apt update && apt upgrade
Press N if you ask about the version.

Step 2:
This command will install the git package which will allow us to download Zshell project from the GitHub repository.
pkg install git 
(While installing if it is asking "do you wanna install" just press y and Enter.)

Step 3:
the git-clone command will download the Zshell project from the GitHub repository.
git clone

Step 4:
Here we are changing directory to the termux-ohmyzsh folder. if you don't understand this command it's highly recommended to check out this blog [Basic Termux commands complete guide]
cd termux-ohmyzsh

Step 5::
Install All the Dependencies for the Zshell theme using the below command. his will take 1or 2 minutes.

Step 6::
No select any theme and font You want from the list and it will be applied instantly.

  1. Choose a theme, type theme number, and press Enter.
  2. Select a font by typing font number and pressing Enter.

How to Change theme again?

if you will Restart the termux and then You want to change your theme or font again,Just the below commands.

Change theme:
To Select a new Theme use below command.

Change Font:
To Select, a New Font use the below command.


Z shell is one of the best Tool to make your boring terminal look more appealing. I don't recommend themes Because they just take space and do nothing but change the colors, Zshell makes termux more userfriendly so if you are a beginner you should definitely give it a try. Try this Header for termux which will show to extra information on your terminal. You can also Check out my post on how to add Evil eyes Header in your termux app.

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  1. chcolor and chfont these commands do not work. You have to ./ to change both color and font.

    1. I think they work bro, I have tested them now, and thanks for commenting bro in the previous article also ♥

  2. How do you revert to the default settings?


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