Termux Kali Linux : Install and Run Kali Linux Shell in Termux

Kali Linux is a power full OS for hackers and most of Kali Linux Tools work on CLI, In This post, I am gonna show you how you can install Kali Linux shell In Termux, and Practice Its Command-line Interface on your Phone. It's Gonna be a Quick installation Post.

What is Termux Kali Linux Shell?

Kali is a Linux distribution that is widely used by a vast majority of hackers and Penetration testers. Termux Kali Linux Shell is just a Small Distrito created by Andronix Team. This Creates a Root Shell in Termux without actually rooting your phone. This will also not take a Huge amount of your Storage like GUIs Distros do because of its only command-line.


Using this shell you can learn how the actual Linux works and what are the command difference between termux and Kali Linux. You can practice all sorts of Linux commands and you can also install some Linux tools in termux but if your phone is not rooted some of them won't work. while using tools if you use any Tool it will detect you as a Linux user.

The installation is Script is Created by Andronix and you can also check out Andronix app on Playstore for more OS like this.

Install Kali Linux Shell in Termux :

This is a combined command to install Termux Kali Shell, you can just copy the below command and directly paste it into your termux and the shell will be automatically installed in Termux.  
pkg update -y && pkg install curl proot tar -y && curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AndronixApp/AndronixOrigin/master/Installer/Kali/kali.sh | bash
Termux Kali Linux : Install and Run Kali Linux Shell in Termux

 During the installation, if it asks anything, Just Press Enter. 

Run Kali Linux Shell in Termux :

To run the Kali Linux you have to use just a Single and your terminal will be switched from Termux to kali Linux Shell. Keep in mind that whenever you want to switch to the Kali Linux shell, You have to First move to your home directory then you can Run the shell using the below command.
Termux Kali Linux : Install and Run Kali Linux Shell in Termux

Now if you will see Root@localhost: instead on the $ sign, that means the kali Linux shell is installed correctly. Now You can type any linux command like type neofetch and you will see the kali linux info.


Termux Kali Linux  Install and Run Kali Linux Shell in Termux

Here you can see that neofetch is detecting us as Kali Linux and not Android.

Uninstall Kali Linux Shell in Termux :

If you want to Uninstall this shell and you want to go back to the Termux shell then you just have to paste the below command in Termux.  
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AndronixApp/AndronixOrigin/master/Uninstall/Kali/UNI-kali.sh | bash
Termux Kali Linux : Install and Run Kali Linux Shell in Termux

After pasting this command, the shell will be installed in less than 10sec.

Conclusion :

Termux Kali Linux shell is just a mini version of the Orignal kali shell, It is good if you wanna use kali Linux commands in termux but don't expect too much from it. If you want a help full shell then you can Install fish-shell in Termux, It will help you autocorrect you while using the commands in Termux. You can also Try parrot shell in Termux. If you wanna change the theme of your Termux then you can read my these post [ Change Themes In Termux ]. If you have any questions regarding the above method then you can comment down below, Thanks For reading Guys, and as always Stay Ethical.๐Ÿ‘พ

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