Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

🙋🏻‍♂️Hey, what's up, Guys? Do you know you can Install a Desktop Version of Termux on your Android Phone? .There is a Desktop version, of our favorite termux app. A lot of you must have seen on the internet that you can install the desktop version of Kali Linux on Android but that process is too much complicated. Instead, you can use a few commands and install the Termux Desktop in your termux🔥.

What is Termux Desktop?

Termux Desktop is a Graphical User Interface of the Termux App. It allows you to run your termux in Desktop mode and in that mode you can do basic things that you in Other Operating Systems like Kali Linux and Windows.

Desktop Termux will give you all sorts of tools that you expect from an Operating system. You can use File Manager, Terminal, You can Change Settings, use Text Editor, It even has paint too. You can always use the terminal like you use in termux so you will always have control over things.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

The Termux Desktop is Created by Aditya Shakya If you are a Geek then you should Checkout his Github Profile, It is Mind Blowing. If You want you can Checkout his Termux-Desktop project here @adi1090x/termux-desktop.

Install Termux GUI / Termux Desktop Version:

If it is possible then please clear data of your termux before installing this tool. Or you can Reinstall Your termux.

Step 1:

First of all, we will update all the packages in termux because we might face some errors while installing the tool. so first Update all the dependencies in termux.  Just use the below command and it will Upgrade everything that is upgradable.
pkg upgrade && pkg install git

Step 2:

Now we will clone the actual Project from the termux repository, and we will also Configure some file in termux. If you Don't know about all this command in termux then you can read this post [Termux basic commands]. To make this Installation simple I just combined all the command, and you just have to paste the below command all together in termux and everything will be done automatically.
git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/khansaad1275/termux-desktop-Bug-Fixed.git && cd termux-desktop-Bug-Fixed && chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh --install

Step 3:

For the Setup it will ask for the password, just type any password (ex:123456) and press Enter,(It won't show you what you are typing.) After pressing Enter You will see Verify: you have to type the same password here too.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

No, it is asking "Would you like to enter a View only password?" Just Press n and press Enter.

Step 4:

Now the setup is done, restart your termux and type the below command, keep in mind that you have to use the same command whenever you want to use termux desktop.

Step 5:

Now the Termux GUI is already installed in your Termux but all of us know that the termux only supports the CLI mode so to use termux in Graphical user interface we will install the Vnc-Viewer Tool for Termux.  You can Just Download it from Playstore or You can download it using the below button.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 6:

Open VNC Viewer app on your mobile phone and Press on the Plus sign Given in the main menu. It will open a new connection Setup window for you.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 7:

Now in the Address field Type localhost:1, Remember that if you are running the server next time you need to change the localhost to 2 or 3. or You can type vncserver -list and you can see your localhost number there.

In the name field, you can type anything, but I am going to type Termux1 because any time if i want to run vnc viewer on localhost:1 I will use termux one.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Now press on Create and Vnc will connect to your termux app.
Press on the green Continue button in the Vnc app.

Step 8:

Now Select the Termux1 On the list.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Just press OK on the top right corner.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 9:

Now it will ask for the Authentication password, Just type the password you used for setting up the VncServer in termux. I am gonna type 123456 and Press On Continue on Top right corner.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 10:

Now you will see the Desktop mode, now you can use like we use Linux or windows but I know some of you only have Android phones and you never got a chance to use any other OS than Android. So Don't worry keep reading and I will tell you how to use it.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 11:

First of all we in any OS we open the menu to see all the available applications in the OS, In Termux Desktop we will Click on the Left corner Square Icon to open the all Application menu. Drag your finger on the screen and you will see the mouse cursor, Just move it to the 4Squre icon and double tap and it will be clicked.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 12:

Now you will see the main menu, You can select any application But in my case I am gonna open the terminal. Just move the cursor again and then Double-tap to open it. If you don't see the terminal then try dragging your screen with 2 fingers and it will scroll and you will see the remaining apps.

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 13:

Now if it will ask you to select a terminal then just select the XTerm and press ok, and it will open a Terminal for you, Just type any termux command and press Enter and it will run. If you can't see the keyboard then drag your screen from like you do for opening the notification panel and you will see the keyboard option. 

Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020

Step 14:

As you can see it is very easy to use Desktop Termux, and keep trying and you will find really interesting things. See in the below image, we can open multiple terminals and use Different things simultaneously.  I am running Digital Clock, CMatrix, W3m, Htop together in a single window.

Termux Desktop  Install GUI of Termux -2020

Keyboard For Hackers 👾:

You Can Also Buy This Awesome Multipurpose Keyboard and it will help you use termux and Termux-Desktop EasilyI always carry one in my backpack because it helps me to use Termux much faster, It's basically a combination of Mouse and keyboard together so it obviously increases the productivity while using termux, and also it makes your phone almost a Computer💻.

As you can see, it also has Mouse Pad too so you can control the cursor on the screen while using the Termux Desktop Mode. and with all the extra keys you can write code on termux. But if you are a beginner and don't have enough money then don't invest in anything Just try to learn first🥰 and I will make sure to give you better content so you can learn faster and become a good Ethical Hacker👾🤘🏻.

In Case you want to BuyWireless Keyboard and Mousepad ]


Termux Desktop Is a good way to use GUI in Termux. It is Ligh weight and easy to install and if you try to use kali in termux then you at least need to have 2-3GB Empty space as well it requires you to Download the whole OS. But Desktop termux is simple and it only takes 150Mb of data to download and takes 1Gb in storage. Overall, it is a good idea to give it a try. You should also Read [ Install GUI-based IDE in Termux ] I have Explained Every Step clearly But if you have any doubt then you can comment down below. Learn here how you can install auto correct in termux [Termux Fish shell one command install].Thanks For reading Guys, and as always Stay Ethical👾.

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  1. Sounds interesting, Man. But not for my purist brain, I am satisfied with a cmd. Did you tell Fredrik about your site, he might be interested in it and maybe put a link on his github account or even in the PlayStore app to your site.

    1. I never had conversion with any creator. If they will give me a back link that will be a Huge Step for me but now I don't no if I should ask then or not.

  2. Can I install software on this gui like pycharm and other which comptaible with Ubuntu

    1. It is more like a lite version of linux Gui so maybe you can't but give it a try and let me know

  3. Bro can we install burpsuite in it


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