How to Browser Internet Using Termux on Android - 2020

In this post, we will install W3m on the Termux, To access the internet using the Command Line interface. You can open Any website in Command-Line Interface and You will be able to navigate freely Like any browser allows you too.

Why Anyone will Browse the Internet on Termux?

  • To Read some Articles on the internet without Bright Lights and A lot of ads and images.
  • The Interface is Unique and It gives a really different feel of Hacking.
  • To Read Storys.
  • You can also open this site and copy and paste commands in a different session and it will much easier.
  • No one will understand most of the time What you are doing.

How to install W3m on the Termux?

Step 1:
This command will check the dependencies and update them to the current date.
apt update && apt upgrade
Press N if asks about the version.

Step 2:
Use This command to install W3m On your termux.
pkg install w3m

After this, the W3m tool will be installed on your system. Read below to use the tool.

How to Use W3m On Termux?

Step 1:
To open any Website Type:
You can type any website, here I am Opening
If you want you can open this site also just type w3m and it will open the home page of this website.

Step 2:
Now to type something in the search bar, just double-tap on the Search bar and type Anything That you want to search and press Enter.

Step 3:
Double-tap on [Google Search] to search the query. 

Step 4:
Select Any Search Result and Double tap on it to open the post.


In the above picture, you can see, how websites will look in the termux app.
You can Just put any website or URL and it will open in w3m, You will be unable to see images in the termux app.

Basic keys of W3m:
W3m Gives you 3 extra keys to navigate easily.
In the below picture you can see all the basic keys you can use to navigate while surfing the internet on termux. 

How to Quit W3m:
If you don't know how to Quit browsing and Go back to the terminal just press CTRL + C.


W3m is a grate package in termux and it allows you to spend some more time on terminal, a lot of time we don't know any command and to search it we open chrome and then we copy and paste the command from chrome to termux, using this tool you can see all the command in the termux and you can also copy-paste for example you can paste this command  w3m To see all the basic command for the termux from this website. I Personally like W3m to Read  Quotes and Storys using the termux app. If you have any questions just ask me in the comments.Thanks for Reading.

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