Termux IDE : Install Codiad In Termux

Do you know what is the Best Friend of a Programmer❓ It's IDE (Integrated Development Environment). If you are a Termux User and you wanna use termux to Do Programming then this post is For you. In this post, I am gonna show you how you can install a Perfect Web-based IDE in your Termux that will help you to Code like a Pro By just using Your phoneπŸ”₯.

What is Codiad in Termux?

As we all know that Termux is an Awsome tool that allows you to use almost all programming languages. The Only Issue we face while using termux for programming is that the termux does not have any good Text editor. I know we can use nano to write tinny codes but if you wanna write something serious on termux then you need a good IDE.

Termux IDE  Install Codiad In Termux - 2020

Luckily In termux, you can install a Good IDE that will give you Customization Options as well a Clean Look, You will also get colored Text and Everything You Expect from a Decent  IDE. It is a Little Bit Similar To Visual basic Codes and Sublime text Editor. 

As I Said, This Termux-IDE is for people who do some Serius coding so for using this tool you will require an External Keyboard. You can attach an external keyboard and use this IDE to write code but I Suggest you use a keyboard that has a Mouse pad attached like this Wireless Keybaord + mouse.

How to Install Codiad In Termux?

If you are in a Hurry ⌚, You can Copy paste The below command one by one in termux and the IDE will be installed In no time.

Step 1 :

Before installing any Package in termux will update all the Preinstalled Packages and Dependencies in Termux so that while using the IDE We don't face any Error.
apt update && apt upgrade -y
Termux IDE : Install Codiad In Termux - 2020

If it asks you anything Just Type Y and press Enter.

Step 2 :

Now you have to install wget package in termux so that we can download the codiad Script in termux using a single command. Just paste the below command to install Wget in termux.
pkg install wget -y

Termux IDE : Install Codiad In Termux - 2020

Step 3 :

Now we will Use Wget and we will install the actual IDE Project from the Github repository of the Termux. just paste the below full command and Press Enter and Everything will be Installed Easily.
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/rnauber/9f579d1480db4cc5a9a3c97c00c52fb9/raw/install_codiad.sh
Termux IDE : Install Codiad In Termux - 2020

 Step 4 :

Now Everything is Downloaded and you just have to install the Installation bash file of the IDE. This Installation file has all the actual code that will help you to run the Termux IDE. Just paste the below command and press Enter. 

bash install_codiad.sh

Termux IDE : Install Codiad In Termux - 2020

Step 5 : 

All the setup is finished and now you can launch the IDE, To Launch the Codiad IDE you just have to Type codiad (all in lower case) and press Enter and It will open your default browser window, and there you can see your Web-based Termux IDE.


Termux IDE : Install Codiad In Termux - 2020


below you can see the Screen short of the Termux-IDE.

Termux IDE  Install Codiad In Termux - 2020

Conclusion : 

The Web-Based IDE of Termux is Well designed for all the people who wanna do programming using their phone and an external keyboard. You can Buy this ⌨Wireless Keyboard + Mouse  To Use termux more easily and You can use this to write code on IDE. If you want me to write a post on how to use Termux-IDE then ask post a comment. If you are facing any issue you can always ask in the Comments. If you like Installing Stuff in termux then you can check out How you can [Install Termux-Desktop In Android]. Thanks for Reading Guys Stay Inspired, Keep Coding and as always, Stay Ethical πŸ‘Ύ. 

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