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Hey Guys, It's me SaadMaqsood 🙋🏻‍♂️, And while using termux I sometimes want to do multiple things at the same time in termux, like editing a Python file while running it constantly. So for that, I use tmux and I am surprised that most of you don't talk about it so, in this post, I am going to show you how you can install tmux on your termux and use it like an advanced hacker. this post is going to be a game-changer for your journey of becoming an ethical hacker, make sure you learn it well. 🔥

What is Tmux?

Tmux, short for "terminal multiplexer", is a powerful tool that allows us to divide our terminal into multiple panes and windowsWith Tmux, we can split our terminal into multiple panes, it enables us to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. we can monitor system logs, edit code, run commands, and execute scripts, all within the same terminal window. Tmux also allows us to create and manage multiple terminal sessions. This means we can detach from a session, leaving it running in the background, and later reattach to it, ensuring that our work is not disrupted even when we close the terminal or lose our connection.

Tmux offers flexible window and pane management options. we can create multiple windows, each containing its own set of panes, allowing us to organize our tasks efficiently. This streamlines our workflow, as we can switch between windows and panes with ease, increasing our overall productivity. This helps us to use our termux more efficiently and faster than before.

How to install Tmux in Termux?

Step 1: (Update termux):

Before installing any tool in termux first, we will update all the Pre-installed packages in termux, so we won't face any errors while using the tool.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

This command will update all the preinstalled packages in termux.

Step 2: (Install tmux):

Now you need to install the tmux package in termux, the file size of this folder is not that much so you can easily install it on mobile data. This package will add the feature of multiple screen in your termux so just copy and paste the below commands to install it. 
pkg install tmux


Termux will download and install the Tmux package from the repositories.

How to USE Tmux in Termux?

Run Tmux:

To start using Tmux, enter the following command in your Termux terminal and the tmux session will be started.


now session will be live and you can use the below commands to start new windows.

Splitting Panes Vertically:

To Split the current pane vertically:  Ctrl + b  followed by %
you need to press there 3 keys back to back. and the window will split vertically like in the below image.

Splitting Panes Horizontally:

To split the current pane Horizontally: Use Ctrl + b followed by " 
you need to press there 3 keys back to back. and the window will split Horizontally like in the below image.

Navigate between panes:

To navigate between these windows you can just tap on any one of them and it will get active.

Exit from any panes:

When you're ready to exit Tmux, simply type exit within any pane or window to close it. This will return you to your regular Termux environment.

Extra tips:

Creating Windows: Press Ctrl + b followed by c to create a new window. You can switch between windows using Ctrl + b followed by the window number.

Detaching and Attaching: To detach from Tmux and leave it running in the backgroundpress Ctrl + b followed by d. To reattach to a detached session, use the command tmux attach.

Download Tmux Cheat Sheet :

In case you want an offline solution then you can download this special cheat sheet tmux for termux.


This was a simple post on you can open multiple sessions on the same screen using Tmux in Termux. By harnessing the power of Tmux, you can multitask effectively, manage sessions easily, and customize your terminal environment according to your preferences and requirement. With the additional exploration of advanced features and customization options, you'll be able to tailor Tmux to supercharge your productivity. There is a chance that you won't learn this in the first go so make sure you keep trying and memorize the shortcut first, If you have any comments or suggestions then use the comment section. thanks for reading guys, and as always, Stay Ethical 👾.

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