myTermux : Best Termux Theme of all time πŸ”₯😍

Hey Guys πŸ™‹‍♂️, So nowadays I am more into terminal styling and there are a lot of tools available that can change the theme of our termux app and I have used almost all of them and also written posts about those theme changing tools. Today in this post I am going to tell you about one of the most awesome theme changing tool for termux in 2022. This is my favourite tool and better than all the previous tools that we have used. The installation is a little complicated, but I am going to give you a few simple steps to install it πŸ”₯. 

What is myTermux Theme?

myTermux is a custom configuration of termux application with different themes and colourful prompts. Almost everything about this configuration is unique, and the tool is really fun to interact with. myTermux have a lot of features like command Validation where if you type a right command it will be shown in green colour and if it's wrong the command will be red. It will also auto suggested you the files and paths based on your previous use.

myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

It uses rxfetch that shows information about your system whenever you boot into your termux, the rxfetch is like neofetch, but it is more minimalist and clean. With myTermux theme you see a really colourful UI and the experience is totally different from raw termux. myTermux is a person configuration of Termux by mayTermux, and you can check out the complete project here.

How to Install myTermux Theme :

To install myTermux in your termux you have to follow multiple steps, below are all the steps, make sure to read the steps and follow them properly for smooth installation.

Step 1 : Update all the packages in Termux :

The first step is to make sure that all the preinstalled packages in your termux are up-to-date, and if they are not, we need to update them with the simple update command below.
pkg update -y
myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

While upgrading, if you see any Y/n prompt just press Enter button, and it will be upgraded by default.

Step 2 : Install git in Termux:

Since this project is available on the GitHub we have to clone it with git command and for that we need git package installed in our termux, size of git package is around 3.6 MB, just use below command to install git package in termux.
pkg i -y git bc 
myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Step 3 : Clone myTermux repo from github:

Now we have git in our termux, and we will use it to install the actual project from GitHub, The project size is around 4BM, copy and paste the below commad in termux to download the project.
git clone --depth=1

myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Step 4 : Change directory to myTermux folder:

To go inside the project folder, we will use basic cd command followed by the name of the project folder.
cd myTermux
myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Step 5 : export COLUMNS LINES:

We have to export a variable function, this function will help the script to get the width of your termux screen so that it can tell you to adjust it accordingly.
myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Step 6 : Execute the Installation Script:

This is a complicated step, use the below command to run the installer on myTermux. This command will take almost 60 MB if you install all the package.
myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Now if you see an error saying  something about screen size, you will also see that script is telling you to zoom out, make sure to make the text in your screen to look small by pinching your screen inside, it is same as zooming out from a photo. 

myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Zoom out and then type this command again if you see the same error then zoom out more, and ones the size of your screen is small enough the script will be executed. 

myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

If you see a table of contents the script will ask for Y/n Just press Enter.

myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Now when you will see this screen you have to exit from nvim, to do that you have to press ENTER then q and then type :q and press Enter. if you will do everything properly, you will exit out from the installation screen and see that "installation is finish". Now exit from termux from notification bar or any way you want, after you will relaunch you will see the myTermux Theme.

Features of myTermux and customization:

The default configuration of myTermux is really perfect but if you want to customize it more than you got below 3 options that can help you to give it your own personal touch. 

Change Colour:

If you like the shell and also the font, and you just want to change the colour scheme of your config, then you can type the below command, and you will get multiple colour schemes to choose from.


myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Change Font: 

If you like the shell and also the colour scheme, and you just want to change the font  of your config, then you can type the below command, and you will get multiple fonts select any of the font you want and if you don't like it, just type the same command again and select different one.


myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202

Change Theme: 

If you want to change the actual UI and the look of the prompts, you can use the below command. Make sure to try them all because all of them are excellent.


myTermux : Best Termux Theme till 202


myTermux is my favourite configuration of termux till now, all the colours and prompts are totally different from previous themes that we have used. The design it totally Morden and make the experience of using termux really better. The default setup is actually best but if you want to change anything specific like font, colour, or even the entire look of the shell you can do that with a single command.  The installation can be a little tricky but if you are facing any issue make sure you comment and if multiple people are facing the same issue I will make a YouTube video on it. For now, enjoy your new theme, share your experiences and as always, stay ethical πŸ‘Ύ.

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  1. Wow man theme is great I want to use it in ubuntu Kali etc can you make it happen I like your themes

  2. Wow greatttt theme can you make it for desktop Linux like Kali I want to use it :(


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