Termux Emoji Prompt : Add 🔥EMOJIS🔥 to Your Terminal

Hey Guys 🙋‍♂️, As you have seen in my previous post I have written about How you can install termux LSD in your termux ]and see icons for all the files in any directory, since we are on the subject of customizing terminal one of the unique thing that we can do is add an emoji prompts. With emoji prompt, you can add colourful emojis in your black and white terminal. This is a really complicated process but to make it simpler I will give you only two commands that will instantly enable the emoji prompt in your termux 🤘.

What is Termux Emoji Prompt?

Whenever you use any terminal you see a dollar sign ($)  and after that dollar sign you can type whatever you want and press enter to execute it. That dollar sign is called as prompt or PS1Termux emoji prompt is a basic script that will help you to add random emoji every time you execute any command.  The Emojis will be random on every line and as you know emojis have multiple colours and those colourful emojis are going to add something new to that black and white terminal that we normally use.

Termux Emoji Prompt : Add 🔥EMOJIS🔥 to Your Terminal

Adding Emoji prompt does not help you with actual Behaviour off your tools and not going to help you to hack anything, it is just for the purpose of aesthetic looks of your terminal. There are more things that you can do with your PS1 prompt, but in this script we are only going to add emojis. This is script is inspired by Luciano Mammino and you can check out his post here.

How to Install Termux Emoji Prompt :

To install temux emoji prompt you have to follow below two steps, these are just simple copy and paste command that will only take few seconds to execute. 

Step 1: Download the emoji script from GitHub:

To download the script from my GitHub repo to your termux you need to use a curl command. This below command will download a simple text file and the file size is very light, so it will be done in few seconds. Just copy it from below and paste it into your termux and press enter.
curl -fLo emoji.txt https://github.com/khansaad1275/learntermux.tech/blob/main/emoji.txt?raw=true
Termux Emoji Prompt : Add 🔥EMOJIS🔥 to Your Terminal

Now if you will do ls you will see that you have a file name emoji.txt in your termux.

Step 2: Install Emoji.txt in Bash.bashrc:

After downloading the Emoji.txt file from GitHub, we have to install this file into bash.bashrc  file. The installation is simple, we just have to write the entire Emoji.txt file to the end of bashrc file of the  termux.  For that, we will use cat command,  copy, and paste the below command to perform the installation.
cat emoji.txt >> "/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc/bash.bashrc" && rm emoji.txt
Termux Emoji Prompt : Add 🔥EMOJIS🔥 to Your Terminal

Now if you don't see any error than just Restart your termux.

Final Look :

After you restart your termux  you will see a random Emoji in your bash prompt,  and whenever you press enter or execute any command  you will see a different Emoji every time.  If you want to test the script,  you can just press enter multiple times, and you will see a lot of emojis on different lines.

Termux Emoji Prompt : Add 🔥EMOJIS🔥 to Your Terminal

If you want to uninstall the Emoji prompt, then you have to go into bash.bashrc file and delete the code of the Emoji prompt. Also, emoji prompt alone can look raw, you can add Neofetch to make it more appealing.


Termux Emoji prompt is one of my favourite script  that allows a unique  type of customization in the termux bash prompt.  The Emojis add a sense of surprise every time you execute any command.  The installation of this  script is it really simple, and it does not  take more than 30 seconds to completely install. If you like this post of termux customization, it is highly recommended you to check out my previous bash  customization posts like [ Termux LSD : Install File & Folder Icons in Termux  ] and [ Termux theme styling ]If you have any idea or questions you can type it in comments, For now thanks for reading guys, and as always Stay Ethical 👾.

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