Termux-Torrent : Download Torrent Movies and Files with Termux

Hey, What's up, Guys🙋🏻‍♂️? As you guys know, termux is getting better every day, like it is not just for hacking now, but you can do most of the day-to-day work on it too. Like you can download Youtube videos with termux  and You can watch anime with Termux and in this post I am going to show you how you can use your termux as a Torrent downloader Clint. So after reading this post, you won't have to install bulky U torrent clients on your phone.🔥

Termux-Torrent  Download Torrent Movies and Files with Termux

What is Termux-Torrent?

Whenever we want to download any movie or file using torrent, we first have to install U torrent or bit torrent application from the play store, and these are called torrent clients. The torrent clients help you to download the torrent data using . torrent file. These applications take space on your phone, auto start and make your phone slow, and they even show annoying ads. Since you are a termux user, there is a better alternative to download data from torrent and that is Termux-Torrent tool. This tool is going to help to download any .torrent file data with just 3 clicks.

Termux-Torrent is a tool created by me, you can check out the GitHub Project here@ khansaad1275/Termux-Torrent. Termux-Torrent tool is really lightweight and works perfectly. Just install this tool and your termux have a capability of a torrent client. You can use your termux like you normally do but when ever you will open any .torrent file in your phone, it will open in termux-torrent downloader and termux will start downloading the file automatically. 

NOTE: This post is only for educational purposes. This site and I do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

Install Termux-Torrent in Termux:

To install Termux-Torrent in your termux, you need to use git and download the tool from GitHub, You can see step by step commands on Termux-Torrent Github page. But to make this installation process more effortless to you, I have combined all the command in the below single command. Just copy and paste the below text in your termux terminal and everything will be installed and setup automatically.
cd && pkg update -y && pkg install git && git clone https://github.com/khansaad1275/Termux-Torrent && cd Termux-Torrent && bash install.sh
If while installing if it asks for any input make sure to just press enter, and it will be done.

How to use Termux-Torrent Tool?

To use this tool you have to follow 3 simple steps, these steps are same as using normal U torrent application so i think you will get this easily.

Step 1 :

Open any torrent movie site or file downloading site and download the .torrent file. and just press on open button as after downloading the .torrent file is complete.

Step 2 :

Now the file will open in a window, You just have to press on Edit button and that it.

Step 3 :

Now the downloading will start automatically, you just have to minimize the termux, and it will close after the download complete. You can see the download progress and estimated download time as shown in the below picture.

You can see your downloaded data in your localstorage/ Torrent-Downloads folder.


Termux-Torrent is a tool that I have created so that I can use my termux application as a torrent downloader also. If you remember, I have created one more tool called Termux-YTD and will help you to download YouTube videos with termux. I am creating and collecting these kinds of tools, so we can replace as much application with termux as possible and use everything in one simple termux. If you have any tool idea that matches with this one, then comment the idea and I will try to make a tool for it. For now thanks for reading guys, and as always Stay Ethical 👾.

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  3. Works superb on my device! Thanks a lot for this.
    Anyway, I have a question, how does this client take care of stuff such as seeding etc.?