Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

 Hey Guys 🙋‍♂️, If you are using this site, I am sure you have Termux downloaded in your phone. If you are one of the people who love to watch anime, then this post is specially for you. Generally to watch anime we use browsers and on almost all anime website you get tons of pop-up ads that, and it makes the experience bad. In this, I am going to show you How you can watch anime using termux without any Ads. 

Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

For this post, we are going to use a simple tool on GitHub that will help us to watch anime in fantastic quality with 0 ads and with really clear interface. The name of the tool is Ani-Cli.

What is Termux Ani-Cli? 

Normally, people use browsers to watch anime, where they see a lot of irrelevant and awful ads.  Some of those sites even have pop-up ads, and we all know how terrible those pop-up ads are. Since you are a Termux user, you can just use Ani-Cil tool in termux to watch anime without any ads or any delay. 

Ani-Cli is a tool create by pystardust that scrape gogoanmie website to watch anime using just your terminal. The Interface of the tool is really clean, and you get all the options to select your anime, watch it, next episode and everything. It even plays with less buffer using termux. This tool is gonna use your external video player to play videos from gogoanime site, so make sure you use your favorite Video player, personally I use MX Player where I can control everything like an offline video. 

How to Install Ani-CLI in your Termux?

To install ani-cli, you only need to do two things, 1 use the below command in termux and 2 you just have to install mpv-android from the playstore.

Step 1 ( Install ANI-CLI In Termux ):
To install Ani-CLI you need to run multiple commands but for you guys I have combined all the command in a single command, Just copy the complete command below and directly paste it inside the termux and then everything will be automatically installed in no time.
pkg update -y ; pkg install git make termux-tools ncurses-utils openssl-tool -y ; git clone https://github.com/pystardust/ani-cli ; cd ani-cli ; cp ani-cli $PREFIX/bin/ani-cli ; chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/ani-cli ; echo 'termux-open "$2"' > $PREFIX/bin/mpv ; chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/mpv ; cd ; mkdir .cache

If you termux asks anything like, do you really wanna update or something, just press ENTER.

Step 2 ( Install Media player for Ani-CLI):
You need to install either VLC-Media-player in your phone or you need to install mpv-Android. If you have VLC then it's okay, if you are going to install then mpv-android is the best option.

 [ Download MPV-ANDOIRD ] 

How to use Ani-Cli in Termux?

Step 1:

To use ani-cli and start watching anime in your termux you just have to type ani-cli no matter which directory you are in.
Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

 If you are using VLC as your media player, then you need to use ani-cli -v. if you are using mpv then typing ani-cli will work fine.

 Step 2:

Now you will see "Search Anime : " on your terminal, type any anime name you want, My favorite anime is Naruto so I am going to type that. Type the name and press Enter.

Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

Step 3:

Here you will see a list of anime with that particular anime name, if you want to watch any anime in English make sure you select dubbed version of it. Here, I am going to type 2 and press enter to select Naruto-Dub.

Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

Step 4:

The Last thing that you need to select is the Episode number,  Just type any episode number you want and press Enter

Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

If you have multiple video player in your phone then termux will ask you to select any one of them, you can try all of them one by one to see the best one for you, and after you know which player you are gonna use most then check the box that says "don't ask again" and it will make your experience even better.

Step 5:

Now if you go back from the video player you will see that there are few options that you can select, if you have just finished watching an episode, you can type n and the next episode will be automatically played. You can select P for previous episode, type S to select an episode, R to replay current episode, type A if you want to watch something else than current anime, You can see your History by pressing H and you can press Q to quit the ani-Cli tool.

Termux Ani-CLI : Watch Anime Using Termux

If you are searching for an anime that is not available on gogoanime then that anime is not going to show up in the ani-cli tool.


ani-cli is a really awesome tool for all the people who watch anime. The ani-cli tool is really minimal, so it is a better alternative to external browsers. Ani-Cli have a lot of supporters on GitHub, so i am sure this tool will be bug free and always available. It is recommended to check out How to [ Download Youtube Videos with Termux ].  If you have any Questions or suggestions, You can always ask me in the comment section, thanks for reading and as always Stay Ethical 👾.

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  1. Bro the video is not playing what should i do

    and how can i play that anime video in mxplayer or vlc or any other video player

  2. Bro plz help It didn't Show me to select Player or not even playing it just say currently playing but actually its not playing plz reply

    1. Go to playstore and download mpv-android player, this will fix it and the video will play better then before. this is the only option to fix this bro.