3 Top Secret Termux Tools That You Don't Know 💯

Hey guys 🙋‍♂️, A while ago I have written a post on Termux 10 Secret Commands 2021and you guys loved that post, also some of you were asking Me to write a post about Termux Secret tools, so here in this post I am gonna tell you  Top 3 Secret Termux Tool to that you don't know about 💯.

3 Top Secret Termux Tools That You Don't Know

These are my Top Favorite tools that no one talks about also, I have given the description of the tool and if you wanna download and use that tool then you can find the complete post link about that tool at the end of that tool description.

3 Top Secret Termux Tools in 2021 :

These are my Top favorite Secret Tools of Termux, This is Just my Opinion and If have your own list then Make sure you comment down below.  

1. Termux-YTD (Termux Youtube Downloader) :

Nowadays, we use tools like Vidmate, Snaptube, Tubemate, etc. to Download youtube videos on our Android Phone. Those apps take some extra space on your phone as well as they show you a lot of annoying ads. And some of them even download their own Video and audio players. Termux-YTD is a Tool That will allow you to download any Youtube Video using Only Your termux app and since you are reading this post that means you have already installed termux on your phone. 

3 Top Secret Termux Tools That You Don't Know 💯

The Termux YTD is a tool that I have created last year and it is working really good, but since most people don't know about this tool, it's one of the secret termux tools, but this tool really helps if you download videos from youtube in your android. 

[ Install Termux-YTD In your Termux ]

2. Termux Games Script 🎮 :

Termux is an awesome tool where we spend most of the time practicing ethical hacking, sometimes we feel exhausted and we just don't know what to do, so I have created a script called Termux-Games it contains 10 games for termux as well as the option to enable extra keys to play those games. To play games you just have to select option number and you will get instruction about quitting the game because there are different commands to quit those games. 

3 Top Secret Termux Tools That You Don't Know 💯

You can use this tool to have some fun with termux and lighten your mood, Also I am constantly updating this script so you will see new tools every once in a while. This is also one of the scripts that most people don't know about but it's one of the coolest. 

[ Install Termux Games Script ]

3. IRSSI - Chat With Friend using Termux ðŸ’¬:

If you watch hacking movies then I am sure you have seen hackers chat on the terminal, You can also learn how you can chat with your friends as well as strangers using Termux ðŸ’¬Now by the word chatting I mean only texting and not sending images and emojis. You will chat using your termux terminal as you see in hacking movies 🔥

3 Top Secret Termux Tools That You Don't Know 💯

This is one of the most underrated tools of termux, people don't even know about chatting with termux, The feel of this termux chatting script is really awesome and you can chat with a group of people by joining channels available on IRSSI servers or you can create Your Own Channel Too.



These are the top 3 Coolest Tools for Termux. if you were expecting the list of some deadly tools of termux then list is yet to come, These tools are working really good and one of my favorites. I will try to add or change the commands if a find something better than these commands so make sure you subscribe to this site. Now, Enjoy these commands.  If you have any favorite list of your own then make sure you let me know in the comments. Thanks For reading Guys, and as always Stay Ethical.👾

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