How to Chat with Friends using Termux πŸ’¬

In this post, you are going to learn how you can chat with your friends as well as strangers using Termux πŸ’¬Now by the word chatting I mean only texting and not sending images and emojis. You will chat using your termux terminal as you see in hacking movies πŸ”₯.

How to Chat with Friends using Termux

If you want to chat with your friend you can use Netcat also but in this post, we are using irssi package in termux. Irssi is an Internet relay chat client since 1999. With the help of this tool, you can chat with a group of people by joining channels available on IRSSI servers or you can create Your Own Channel Too.

You can create your own channel(Group) on irssi which is completely free and your friends can join the same channel to chat with you. It is similar to a chat group on WhatsApp but the only difference is command-line based.

It is a little bit complex at the start But it is awesome that you can chat with everyone using CLI, you can use this to chat with all of your hacker friendsπŸ‘Ύ.  

Install Irssi Chat in Termux:

Irssi chat is a Package in termux, you can install it like any other packages. Just type the below command and it will be installed.
pkg intsall irssi -y

It will take approximately one minute to install in termux , it also depends on your Internet Speed.

Use Irssi Chat in Termux:

Step 1:

Now to start Irssi Chat you just have to type irssi on your terminal and your IRC chat cline will open.
How to Chat with Friends using Termux

Now, You will see this screen, which means Irssi chat is successfully installed in your Termux.

How to Chat with Friends using Termux

Step 2:

Now, You have to connect to a server in order to join a channel on IRC, Here I am joining Libra but you can join other Servers too. Just type the below command to join a Libra server.
How to Chat with Friends using Termux

You can also try to connect Freenode but it's currently not working.

Step 3:

Now Your user name will look like u0_a234, If you join any Channel No one will going to remember your name because it is gibberish. To Change Your Nickname to something Human Understandable Form, You have to use this command.
/nick HaCk3r404
How to Chat with Friends using Termux

You can change any name you want, Just  Enter Your name After /nick.

Step 4:

Now everything is set you just have to join a channel if you want to chat with your friends you and your friends have to join the same channel if you want to create your own channel you can create it by just typing your channel name in the below command. You can chat with me by joining my channel on Freenode.
How to Chat with Friends using Termux

You can also Join random channels to talk with new people.
You can Type Exit to get back to your Terminal window and to Quit the irssi.

Step 5:

Now you can chat in your group and if you want your other friend to join your Group, Just let them know your channel name and Send them this post link and they will easily able to join your channel. just type your message and press Enter to send your text like you do in other Messaging apps.

How to Chat with Friends using Termux

Send Colored Text in Irssi Chat in Termux:

Now you know how you can chat on irssi using termux but the problem you will face while texting on IRSSI is that you will see everyone's text in the same color which is white but what if you want to send some important text and you want everyone to you to read it. Or what if you want to send some warning to everywhere in the channel. To highlight your message in some different colors you can use some command in IRSSI.

Send Blue Coloured Text In IRSSI:

You can use below command to send Blue colored message in IRSSI.
CTRL+C2 Your-Messege-Here
You have To press CTRL+c and Then You have to press 2 without Giving Space and then type anything You want and it will be in Blue color.  You can also Enable Extra keys like I did in the Below pic to Easily use Termux using this Post. [Enable Extra Keys In Termux]

Send Diffrent Coloured Text In IRSSI:

Now in the above Example, You can see that with just one single command You can Send Blue colored Text but what if you want to send red or green or any other color? so to change other colors after pressing control and c you just have to change the number like,
CTRL+c3 Your-text-here
So in the Above code, you just have to change the green part which is the number, if you type 3 you will see Green color and if you Type 4 You will see Red color, Just keep increasing the numbers and you will see New colors.

Conclusion :

If you want to chat like a hacker or you want to use termux as your group chatting app you can use Irssi. It is fun to chat using CLI and no one will recognize what you are doing as compared to using WhatsApp because everyone knows you are texting when you open Whatsapp. If you want to chat with me you can connect to my channel #LearnTermux.Tech and maybe you can meet some termux users like you. If I am not Online at IRSSI then you can always talk with me on Instagram @skhan_official. andf If you have any questions just comment down below and I will reply ASAP. If you like this post than check out how you can install [Termux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020].Thanks For Reading Guys and as always Stay Ethical.πŸ‘Ύ

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  1. Hello can you provide more channels in irssi?

    1. I can't Give you channels list because on irssi almost 90% of people just don't talk(my experience)instead I can give you a command to Find every channel on the free node.
      After Connecting to Freenode server(after running this command: /connect Freenode

      You can type this command to find all the available channel on the Freenode server
      /list -YES

      Now you will see all the channels but you can't scroll, To scroll in irssi you need PageUp and PageDown button you can Enable Those button by reading this blog [Enable Extra Keys in Termux in less than 30 secs]

    2. 16:29:76:D4:53:B8:25:13:37:41:74:02:5D:BE:99:89:65:23:A3:B9:4F:F8:0E:08:0F:88:7D:FF:24:53:FC:89 (SHA256) 23:34 -!- Irssi: Connection to
      23:34 ! *** Looking up your hostname...23:34 ! *** Checking Ident
      23:34 ! *** Couldn't look up your
      hostname 23:34 ! *** No Ident response
      23:34 -!- Capabilities requested: multi-prefix
      23:34 -!- Capabilities supported: account-notify
      away-notify cap-notify chghost extended-join
      identify-msg multi-prefix sasl tls
      23:34 -!- Capabilities acknowledged: multi-prefix 23:34 ! *** Notice -- You need to
      identify via SASL to use this server
      23:34 -!- ERROR Closing Link: (SASL access only)
      23:34 -!- Irssi: Connection lost to,Hello am getting this error when I try to connect to freenode

    3. try to Read this for more Information about this error of Freenode SASL page

    4. Hi, the link to enable extra keys is giving me 503 error.

  2. Am still confused with "Is"command it doesn't work the target has opened the link already

    1. IRSSI does not work line normal bash,Target?

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