Solve Ngrok Error in Termux with Cloudflare

Hey Guy 🙋🏻‍♂️, Now a day while using termux the most common error that you guys comment about is related to ngrok. Like when you use any phishing tool you don't see the link getting generated or maybe ngrok is just throwing errors while you send that link to anyone. In this post, I will show you how you can overcome this error of ngrok by using cloudflared ☁📳.

Why we are facing Ngrok errors in termux?

We use ngrok for port forwarding, so that we can expose our localhost to the internet. Since termux users sometimes use ngrok for port forwarding a phishing link, Ngrok flags it as a malicious activity, and blocks the URL from their end. So we see this error while opening the link "ERR_NGROK_3200 Tunnel not found. This could be because your agent is not online or your tunnel has been flagged by our automated moderation system".

Solve Ngrok Error in Termux with Cloudflare

You can get ERR_NGROK_108 if you try to use ngrok multiple times in a day. One of the most common errors that you guys face is ngrok not generating link in termux or direct link is not getting generated in termux.  You can also get ngrok command not found error even if you have ngrok already installed in your termux. We are facing all these new issues because ngrok got more hash on hackers who use ngrok for hacking, and they just don't want people to use ngrok just for hacking and malicious activities. But it is also preventing users to do anything with ngrok, and it is causing so many issues for ethical hackers.

How to Solve Ngrok Error in Termux with Cloudflare:

To fix ngrok errors in termux the quickest solution would be to use cloudflare at the place of ngrok for any kind of port forwarding. It is done in few simple steps and once you learn it, it will just take you few seconds to do this entire process.

Step 1:
Firstly, you have to install clouldflared in your termux using a simple pkg command.
pkg install cloudflared

This will take just a few seconds to install.

Step 2:
While using any tool in termux whenever you see an option to select port forwarding method always make sure to select the localhost option. By selecting the localhost option you will create a localhost phishing link that will look something like and when you will paste this link in chrome (in your own phone) you will see your tool working perfectly fine.

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Step 3:
This link will only work in local area network. To make it go live, we have to do port forwarding. Copy the localhost URL which will look like Please keep in mind that different tools use different port numbers for example as you can see the nexphisher tool uses, and it is possible that other tool can use 3333 as port so make sure you are copying the same port that is getting generated by the tool.

Step 4:
Now to create a tunnel from our local host to the internet we will use a single command. First of all open a new session in your termux(to open a new session you just have to swipe from left side of your screen to the right in termux terminal and then click on new session) and just copy and paste the below command. Make sure to change the port number that your tool is generated. 
cloudflared tunnel --url

Step 5:
The above command will start a cloudflared tunnel, and you will get a link as you can see in below screenshot, now this link is the link that you can share over the internet and people will be able to access your tool. You don't have to turn on Hotspot. 

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Cloudflared is actually really simple to use, and it stays open for as much time as you can keep your phone connected to the internet. 


Clouldflare is one of the few good alternatives to the ngrok that you can use with this fewer commands. These steps may look long but in practice they will only take 20 secs to execute, so practice them 2-3 times, and you will be good at generating links and port forwarding. This is going to solve most of the ngrok errors and all those link not generating issues. As a hacker, you are always going to have these port forwarding issue because of constant updates in policy's of port forwarding services as well as in browsers. So to become good at it, you need to know about a lot of these methods, just stay tuned, and I am going to write on other port forwarding alternatives too. If you have any problems regarding this method, just comment down below, so I can help you out. Thanks for reading and as always STAY ETHICAL👾.   

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