Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working πŸ”₯

Hey guys πŸ™‹‍♂️, I have written multiple post on termux phishing tools and some of them are not working properly, so this post i am gonna give you a list of 5 working phishing tools for termux that you can use in 2022πŸ’―. also keep in mind that these are not the only phishing tools working in 2022 one, these are my favourite ones πŸ”₯.

Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working in 2021 πŸ”₯

These are my Top Favourite Phishing tools that i use personally. I have given the description of the tool and if you wanna download and use that tool then you can find the complete post link about that tool at the end of that tools description.

NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

5 Termux Phishing Tools Working :

These are my Top favorite Phishing Tools of Termux, This is Just my list and If have your own list then Make sure you comment down below.

1. Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux: 

NexPhisher is a Simple Phishing tool for Termux. The phishing Pages are Taken from Zphisher so it looks like Hidden eye and Zphisher tool. The good this about this tool is, that it is not complex at all, you just have to select the website and it will generate the phishing link for you.

Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working in 2021 πŸ”₯

NexPhisher is the best Phishing tool that I have seen so far, it offers you all the things that you need in a basic phishing tool as well as it is simple and does not ask you for confirmation or anything, as well as you don't have to put ngrok token here so you can Install it any time you want and you can use it directly.

Termux Nexphisher ]

2. Termux Zphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux:

Termux ZPhisher is an Advanced Phishing Tool that allows hackers to perform phishing attacks using termux on their Android phones. This tool is almost similar to the Hidden Eye Tool as well as it also has some features of ADV Phishing Tool. This tool has 30 phishing pages including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitch, Spotify, Adobe, WordPress, Yahoo, crypto coin, Xbox and all the other most-used websites.

Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working in 2021 πŸ”₯

The Zphisher is a Grate Phishing tool and it gets updated very frequently. This tool has almost thirty websites and it also has a different variant for some of the popular websites like Facebook and Instagram.

Termux Zphisher ]

3. How To Install and Use ADVPhishing Tool in Termux:

AdvPhishing tool is the latest Phishing tool created in 2020 with the help of all the new libraries. Since all the good tools like shellphish and HiddenEye Started Throwing Errors while using and became really unusable, Ignitetch Created a good and working Phishing tool for termux that can work properly in 2020.

Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working in 2021 πŸ”₯

AdvPhisher is a really good Termux Github tool for phishing and it is one of the few that is working in 2022. I have tried to explain everything in a simple post so that you don't have to go anywhere else to use this tool, This tutorial is as easy as copy-pasting commands.

Use ADVPhishing Tool in Termux ]

4. FotoSploit Termux : Best Phishing Tool for Termux:

Whenever you share any youtube or Instagram video on WhatsApp or telegram a description gets loaded, it's like a preview of that link. FotoSploit is a tool that will make your link look like a preview of any social media site. The FotoSploit tool helps you create a highly customizable phishing link, and this tool only works if you share your link on WhatsApp and telegram. You can customize your Link preview so it can work with your social engineering method.

Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working in 2021

The FotoSploit tool is a good tool for creating phishing links that look very genuine. This tool is probably not so common so no one knows about this attack. This tool is very badly designed because you need to type commands rather than just entering things.

FotoSploit Termux : Best Phishing Tool for Termux ]

5. PUBG Phishing Tool Termux :

Black Mafia PUBG Phishing tool is obviously a phishing tool that will allow you to Create phishing pages that look like the Pubg Offer page and when any user puts their username and password on that phishing page you will get the Credential in your termux terminal. This is a very simple phishing tool that uses Ngrok for port forwarding. A good thing about this tool is that, It will give you a Masked link that will already look like the original PUBG link.

Top 5 Termux Phishing Tools Working in 2021 πŸ”₯

Black Mafia Phishing tool is a fine tool when it comes to Hacking PUBG ID with termux. This tool is simple to use and does a simple job of providing a phishing page for the Facebook PUBG Page. If you play PUBG then you must try this tool once.

[ PUBG Phishing Tool Termux ]


These are my Top 5 favorite Termux phishing tools that i use in 2022πŸ”₯. These tools are still working fine in 2022 and they are one of the bast termux phishing tools. I have also written post on Top 10 Advance Termux Tools πŸ”₯That You Must KnowπŸ’―. also there is list of 3 Top Secret Termux Tools That You Don't Know πŸ’―  If you have any favorite list of your own then make sure you let me know in the comments. Thanks For reading Guys, and as always Stay Ethical.πŸ‘Ύ

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  1. So with that logic,with fotosploit, then metasploit is badly designed too lol?

    1. Bro both are totally different tool and since i am listing only phishing tools i have not included metasploit 😊

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