Qurxin Termux - Change Termux Theme and Interface

Hey GuysπŸ™‹‍♂️, Termux themes are getting updated and better every day and with those new themes, you get a new experience with termux I have written multiple posts on how to change the theme in termux. Some of those posts have some glitches so in this post I am gonna tell you about a simple theme changes tool in termux where you can add parrot-shell Theme🌈  as well as a cool banner together.πŸ”₯ 

What is Qurxin in Temux?

Qurxin is a Termux Theme changer that will allow you to change the look and feel of your termux app with just a few sec of setup. I have also used the Termux-Style tool but a good thing that I like about is, this tool is so small and minimal and really easy to set up. This script also have a glitch of revert, it works but with few glitches, it won't create problems but I think you need to clear data to get back to the normal theme.

Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

The simple and basic use of this tool is, if you are bored with the same white and black interface of the termux then you should use this colored theme, after changing theme you will feel really different, it gives you the parrot-shell with the normal theme so you will get that complex terminal look.

The Qurxin project is created by fikrado and you can check out his Project here @fikrado/qurxin.

How to install T-Load in Termux?

Step 1:

Before installing any tool we need to update dependencies so the tool does not cause any errors while executing. This command will Update the termux dependencies so we will not get errors while installation of the tool. Just copy and paste the below command.
apt update && upgrade -y
Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

Press Y if Termux asks about the version.

Step 2:

This command will install some packages which will allow us to download projects from the GitHub Repository. and help the tool while running. for that we are gonna install git, python,MPV, figlet. also we will install lolcat too. just copy and paste this command and the requirements will be installed on your termux in few seconds. 
pkg install git python mpv figlet -y && pip install lolcat
Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

Step 3:

The git-clone command will download the 
Qurxin project from the GitHub repository. Just copy and paste this command in termux and the tool will be installed in 10 seconds. 
git clone https://github.com/fikrado/qurxin
Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

Step 4:

Now we need to change the directory to the qurxin folder if you don't understand this command it's highly recommended to check out this blog [Basic Termux commands complete guide]
cd qurxin
Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

Step 5:

Now in the end you just need to run the below command and the auto-installation process will start. This tool will not take much time to install all the things.
bash install.sh

Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

Step 6:

Now the only thing that you need to do after the installation is complete is to restart your termux app. after you restart your termux you will see a new theme on your termux.

Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

How to Remove Qurxin from Termux?

If you wanna remove Qurxin from termux then you just need to copy and paste the below command in termux and the tool will be removed automatically from termux.
cd && cd qurxin && bash rvt.sh
Qurxin Termux -  Change Termux Theme and Interface

if you see any error please run this command twice.

Conclusion : 

Termux Qurxin is a fine script that allows you to make your termux look really stylish but also there are other themes too that is way better than the interface of qurxin theme, This theme has some glitch too. I have written some tools like Termux-YTD and Termux-Games so make sure you checkout them. If you have any ideas or any doubt about this post then comment down below, thanks for reading and as always stay inspired and stay ethicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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