Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

On this website, I have written multiple posts about  Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux. The latest one is Zphisher Tool. Since there are multiple phishing tools, every tool has different features. so today am gonna give You an Advanced Phishing tool that is the most perfect and simple phishing tool that I have ever used. It is the best Phishing tool and has all the social media phishing pages included, and it works perfectly in termuxπŸ”₯.

Whats is Nexphisher Tool in Termux :

NexPhisher is a Simple Phishing tool for Termux. The phishing Pages are Taken from Zphisher so it looks like Hidden eye and Zphisher tool. The good this about this tool is, that it is not complex at all, you just have to select the website and it will generate the phishing link for you.  

Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

The Nexphisher Tool has almost Every social media Phishing page like FB Phishing page, Instagram Phishing page, and Whatsapp phishing, and all the other important ones. This tool uses NGrok tunneling so you can use this tool on Public networks.

The NexPhisher tool is created by htr-tech on GitHub and you can check out their projects @htr-tech/Nexphisher. And if you want more cool phishing Tool like this then you can check out [ List Of All The Phishing Tools For Termux ].

NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

Install NexPhisher Tool in Termux :

If you are in a hurry then you can just copy-paste the below command and it will be installed in your termux apk.

Step1 :

Before installing any tool in termux first we will update all the Pre-installed packages in termux so we won't face any error while using the tool.
apt update && apt upgrade -y
Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

This command will update all the preinstalled packages in termux.

Step2 :

Since this tool is located in a GitHub repository, we need to install the git package on the termux. and with the help of git, we will Download NexPhisher Tool In termux.
pkg install cloudflared git -y
Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

Paste this command and wait and the git package will be installed in no time. 

Step 3:

Now we will clone the NexPhisher tool from the GitHub repository. Just paste the below command and press enter and the tool will be installed in a minute.

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/nexphisher
Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux 

The downloading speed totally depends upon your internet speed.

Step 4:

The Archive file is installed in your termux from Github and now we have to change the working directory to the nexPhisher folder. if you don't know about termux basic commands then it's highly suggested that you should read this post : [Termux all Basic Command].

cd nexphisher
Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

Step 5:

In this step, we will install all the required dependencies for the Nexphisher tool to work. Don't worry, we are not gonna install them one by one, we will just use the below command 
and it will run the tmux_Setup file created by the Nexphisher.

bash tmux_setup

If it is asking Do you want to continue then Type Y and press Enter.

Use NexPhisher Tool in Termux :

If you know how to use the Zphisher tool then you can easily use this tool, if you don't know about it then you can read below. also keep in mind that if you restart the temux then first you need to change into the Nexphisher directory then you can follow below command.

Step 1:

To Run the NexPhisher Tool you just have to run the bash file given in the tool, just type the below command and the tool will start running. 
bash nexphisher
Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

Step 2:

Now you will see the main menu of the Nexphisher tool. Now You have to Select The Name of Social media like Facebook, Instagram. To select a social media you have to type the number before it and Press Enter. In this post, I am selecting Instagram.
Type 2 to select Instagram.

Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

Step 3:

Now you can select any option you want, It depends upon your social engineering tactics All the options are Really incredible, for simple Instagram hacking, You can select the first option(1) and press Enter.

Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

Step 4:
Now you have to select the Host server(The post Forwarding method) some servers in that Tool are not working and some of them are not getting installed Properly, so we will use LocalHost now. Select the first option(0) and press Enter.

How to Hack Social Media with Termux using Hidden Eye Tool - 2022

Step 5:
Now The localhost setup is Completed, and this will only work in local area network. To make it go live, we have to do port forwarding. Copy the localhost URL.

Step 6:
Now to create a tunnel from our local host to the internet we will use a single command. First of all open a new session in your termux(to open a new session you just have to swipe from left side of your screen to the right in termux terminal and then click on new session) and just copy and paste the below command. Please install clouldflared if you don't have it using pkg install clouldflared command.
cloudflared tunnel --url

Step 7:
The above command will start a cloudflared tunnel, and we will get a link as you can see in below screenshot, just copy that link and send it to the victim (please don't use this for illegal phishing).

How to Hack Social Media with Termux using Hidden Eye Tool - 2022

Step 8:

Now, Wait, when the victim will click on the link he will be prompted to the fake Instagram page and when the victim will fill in the information and click on the login button You will get the Username and password of the victim at your termux. To Close the Tool, you have to Press CTRL + Capital C to Exit.

Termux Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux


NexPhisher is the best Phishing tool that I have seen so far, it offers you all the things that you need in a basic phishing tool as well as it is simple and does not ask you for confirmation or anything, as well as you don't have to put ngrok token here so you can Install it any time you want and you can use it directly. You can also use Maskphish tool to make your link look like a real website link ( it will change your .ngrock URL to facebook.com URL).  This Post is for Education purposes please Don't try to do any childish activity because everything is easily trackable. You can also read [ List of all Best Phishing Tools For Termux ]. If you have any problem comment down below so I can help you out. Thanks for reading and as always STAY ETHICALπŸ‘Ύ.   

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  1. Is the process is for Facebook?

  2. If you are in a hurry then you can just copy-paste the below command and it will be installed in your termux apk.

  3. Hey bro I generate link through nexphisher but link are only working in my phone it's not working on victims phone

    1. I have updated the post, the issue you are facing is caused by Ngrok, I have updated this post to couldflared port forwarding.


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