Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux

Do you wanna Make Modded apps in Termux❓ If Yes, then In this post, I am gonna show you how you can Install ApkTool in Termux to make Modded Versions of apps and I am gonna give you commands so that that you can compile and decompile apps Easily. You can also use this tool To perform ReversEngineering on Applications๐Ÿ’ป.

What is ApkTool in Termux?

You have probably seen Moded apps (like moded Version of subways surfer) where you get 999999 coins from the start. Those games are created by People who Make Mod of games To make money ( Technically it is not Legal). So To make those Mods People use Apk Decompiler Tools that allow them to access individual part of application files, and then they make changes in the code (Like changing the initial starting money/points from 0 to 9999999) and after Recomiling the files into and APK they make and Moded App.

Termux ApkTool  Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

For decompiling apk you will get a different application for Different Operating System but If you wanna decompile an application in termux you need to install ApkTool In termux. Apk Tool will allow you to compile applications in termux. You can also use nano to edit files in termux and you can also decompile in termux using ApkTool. 

This Tool is Created by Lexiie and you can Checkout his Project @Termux-ApkTool. Its a good tool for all the people who are interested in making moded apps by using Apktool in Termux. Since making a mod of games is a Vast topic I am only gonna show you basics but if you really interested then you can always learn it from the internet.

Install ApkTool In Termux :

If you are in a Hurry, You can Copy paste the below command to install Apk Tool in Termux.

Step 1:

Before installing any Tool we will First Upgrade all of our Preinstalled packages in termux so that when we use Apk-Tool we won't face any issue. To Upgrade packages in Termux, we will use the below command.
apt update && apt upgrade -y 

Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

 If this Command is showing you Green Line and asking you for input them Press Y and press Enter.

Step 2:

Now since this Project is Hosted on Github we need to install Git in termux so that we can Download the project from the Github Repository. Just paste the below command and the  Git package will be installed in no time.
pkg install git -y
Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

Step 3:

The Git Package is installed in termux perfectly so and now we can Clone the Project from the Github repository. For that, we will use the Git clone command. You can see the command Below.
git clone https://github.com/Lexiie/Termux-Apktool
Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

The Size of this Project is 10Mb so It won't take Much Time to Install.

Step 4:

Now we have to change the Directory to the ApkTool folder, We can use Cd command for that, If you don't know about the cd command it is Highly suggested for you to read This post [ Termux all Basic Commands For Beginners ]. Just type the below command in Termux and press Enter.
cd Termux-Apktool

Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

Step 5:

Now here if you type ls you will see a .deb file It is a Debian File and you just have to install it in your termux. For that, you just have to paste the below command in termux.
dpkg -i apktool_2.3.4_all.deb
Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020


Step 6:

Everything is done, and you just have to check if the Termux-Apktool is Perfectly installed in your Termux or not. Just type apktool in termux and if it is showing output like the below image that means Termux Apk-Tool is installed in your System.
Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

Use ApkTool in Termux :

Apk Tool is Really and Advance tool and it offers a lot of features but in this post, i am gonna show you basics like Compiling and Decompiling apks with Termux.

Decompile apk with Termux :

You First need an App in termux to decompile it, and you can always share apks from your internal storage to termux to decompile it or you can even decompile them in your internet storage by changing the directory.  And you can also use Termux-Browser to download an apk straight in termux. 
apktool d Yourappname.apk
Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

after executing this command you will see the process on the screen and then after it finishes you will see a folder of your apk name and in that folder, you will get all the files of your apk File. Just Edit any file you want in that folder.

Recompile Apk with Termux :

Now after you finish editing the Files in the folder created by the apk tool. You will have to Recompile that folder in an apk File. for that, we will use the command
apktool b name-of-the-folder --output new-name-of-apk.apk
Termux ApkTool : Install and Use Apk Tool In Termux - 2020

It can take some time to recompile the apk file.

Sign the apk in Termux :

Now, Your apk is Edited but you won't be able to install it on any phone, To make it installable you have to sign the apk using apk signer in termux. Since the Signer in termux Is not working i wrote a separate post on how you can sign an APk in termux. Click the below link.


Apk Tool is One of the most powerful tools if you know how to use them, personally, I think it is Easy to decompile an apk But it is very difficult to change values and edit the apk. You Should also know that decompiling and messing with anyone's Application is illegal. I know this Post is a little boring so here is a link of my Termux-Games ๐Ÿ”ฅScript. If you have any Question Regarding this post then you can defiantly ask me in the comments. Thanks for reading Guys, Stay Inspired and as always Stay Ethical๐Ÿ‘พ.

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