How to install IP-Tracer in Termux Without Root

IP address or internet protocol address is a unique address on the internet that specifically identifies your device on the internet. Everyone has a unique IP address, and that IP address contains some information about the device.

What is IP-Tracer in Termux?

IP tracer is a great tool Created by Rajkumrdusad, that allows you to trace anyone's IP address and collect some extra information like country code, time zone city name Etc. You will also get longitude and latitude of the victim with the help of that coordinates you can find the location of the victim on the Google map. This location is not perfectly accurate but it will give you a rough idea about the location of the victim.

To use this tool we have to create a clone of the project from the GitHub repository the size of the project is very minimal. This tool is very helpful if you have victims IP address can you want to get some rough idea about the victim.

How to install IP-Tracer in Termux?

Step 1:
Install the Git package in your termux app to which will allow us to clone any project from the github repository.
pkg install git -y

Step 2:
Type below command to clone the IP tracer project from the GitHub repository to your termux app.
git clone

Step 3:
Move into the IP-Tracer Folder. If you want to know basic commands of termux you should must read [Termux Basic To Advance Commands].
cd IP-Tracer

Step 4:
Allow executable permission To the installation file by typing :
chmod +x install

Step 5:
Install the Requirements of the project which will do the background processing to Get the desired Information of the Ip-Adress.
bash install

How To Run the IP-Tracer?

Trace Your Own IP-Adress:
Below command will give you information about Your Own IP-Adress.
trace -m

You will see this kind of Output.

Trace Victims IP-Adress:
You Can Trace anyone's IP-address by using the below command.
trace -t

Please change the above IP-Adress with the IP of the victim.


IP tracer is a great tool to gather some extra information about the victim. This will also give you the location of the victim in the longitude and latitude format. I have personally tested it and several websites but you will never get the pinpoint location of the victim by the IP address. Other than that you will get the city name and also the record of the victim. Check out my other post and how you can [Gather information about any username on the internet] .

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