Get Victim's Exact Location Using Termux 📍

In my previous post, I have written on how you can install the Hidden Eye tool. if you haven't installed it yet go and install it first because in this post I am going to show you how you can get someone's very precise location using hidden eye tool.

I have also written a post on [How to install IP-Tracer in Termux Without Root] but that location was not precise and accurate because we were using IP addresses. Using the hidden Eye tool we are going to get the victim's exact location using their GPS and this location will be very accurate because we are using GPS of the victim's phone. After this attack complete you will get a Google Map link that you can paste in your browser to see the location of the victim on the Google Maps.

The hidden Eye tool will generate a link using port forwarding that you have to send to the victim and when victim clicks on the link, Google docs page will open in His default  Browser, The page will ask to get the permission and when item click on the get permission button he will have to allow the GPS and the victim will be hacked.

1) Download Termux On your phone.[Download]
2) Install Hidden Eye in Termux.[Install]

NOTE: This post is only for educational purposes. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

Get Location of the Victim With Hidden Eye:

You can Only Read Bold Text in the below steps if you are in a hurry.

Step 1:
Open hidden I tool so you can see this menu if you don't know how to open this menu just follow my previous post [Install and Use Hidden Eye In termux]

Step 2:
Now You have to Select [A] Get Victims Location,  Type A and press Enter.

Step 3:
You can Select anyoption Depend upon Your Social-Engineering Technique but in my case, I am selecting the second option.
What the first Option will do?: It will Open a Find People Near You website[See Screenshot] and when the victim will click on continue then it will ask for the GPS permission and when victim will allow that permission you will instantly get the location of the victim and victim will see a pop-up that this website is not available in there Region.
Type 2 and press Enter.

Step 4:
This is just the Tips Section where you can read That we have to use HTTPS and URLs and GoogleDrive Link to redirect the victim.
Press Enter.

Step 5:
We are not hacking Any social media so Adding keylogger on this page is meaningless just Type N and Press Enter.

Step 6:
Now This is Important step Go and Find Any GoolgeDrive Link or Just paste any google drive link because when the victim will allow the Location Permission He will be sent to the link you paste here so if you don't want the victim to know that his location is hacked just use the link of any meaningful GoogleDrive file.
You can Also Paste this Link and Press Enter:

Step 7:
Now you have to type any available Port, for Port Forwarding.
Just type 1275 and press Enter.

Step 8:
Now have to select Host server(The post Forwarding method) some of the servers in that is not working and some of them are not getting installed Properly so we will use Ngrok in this post.
Important: 📶 Please Turn On your Hotspot Else Ngrok will not generate any Link.
Type 1 and press Enter.

Step 9:
Now The setup is Completed You just have to Copy the NGROK URL and send it to the Victim.

Step 10:
Now, wait when the victim will click on the link you will get the location of the Victim on your termux like Shown In below Picture.

Paste this Link In your Browser To see the Location of the victim.

If you wanna make you Phishing Look Like the Original site URL (ex. Then Read this Post : [ Termux Maskphish : Mask URL in Termux ]


I know this post have 10 Steps but after doing this 2-3 times it will be simple for you. This is the most accurate location finding method I have found for termux. The accuracy of this tool depends upon the accuracy of the GPS. This tool allows you two operation modes you can try them both and use the most suitable operation mode for your situation. If you want to know how you can get someone's location by their IP address you can check out this post. Thanks for reading, Stay Ethical.👾

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  1. It is not generating any link which can be sent to victim after I entered the url and available port

  2. You have to Turn On Youe Hotspot after Entering the link (Because we are using NGROK For port Forwarding)

    Request: Please Read all the steps to understand the tool properly.

    1. bro i am on pc using emulator for termux how can i turn on hotsport.Is there any other ways?

    2. All the Other Port Forwording Methods don't work so the only Option that left is Ngrok but it is also not working wwithout hotspot but for Linux it will work fine so Download Ubantu from Microsoft Store and then install is script on it then maybe it will work.

    3. Same here seems impossible to switch on hotspot on emulators.......but some people say it's possible

    4. It's not possible if your PC does not have the hardware support, And if you have PC then you can download phishing tools for PC

  3. Whenever i try to download hidden eye it shows
    fatal: Remote branch Termux-Support-Branch not found in upstream origin

    1. It's not working properly and they have changed the URL too, You can download ADV Phishing Tool


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