Master Nano Text Editor with Termux Nano Cheatsheet

Hey Guys, It's me SaadMaqsood 🙋🏻‍♂️, last time I wrote an article about [ Vim : God Level Text Editor for Termux ] and few of you said, "it's too complicated". So In the world of Linux, Nano stands out as the most user-friendly terminal text editor. and this post i am gonna teach you guys how you can master the easiest text editor ever created for Termux
This cheatsheet unveils the power of Nano in Termux, providing a roadmap through its file handling, editing, search and replace, deletion, operations, moving around, special movement, and information commands. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this guide enhances your text editing prowess on Termux, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. So let's start 🔥.

What is nano text editor and why do you need it?

Nano is a user-friendly and lightweight terminal-based text editor, commonly utilized in various Linux distributions. Unlike more complex text editors, Nano is designed for simplicity, making it an ideal choice for users ranging from beginners to experienced developers. Its straightforward interface and intuitive keyboard shortcuts make it accessible for those who prefer efficiency in a command-line environment.

In the realm of text editing, Nano is a powerful tool for several reasons. Its minimalistic design doesn't compromise functionality, providing essential features like file handling, editing, searching, and deletion. Whether you're a system administrator, programmer, or someone working extensively in a command-line interface, Nano proves invaluable for quick and efficient text manipulation. Its lightweight nature ensures fast and responsive performance, making it an essential component for various tasks in a Linux environment. In summary, Nano is a versatile text editor that combines simplicity with functionality, catering to the diverse needs of users working within a terminal environment.

Master Nano Text Editor with Termux Nano Cheatsheet:

Below, you'll find an organized compilation of essential shortcuts for the Nano text editor, categorized for easy reference and enhanced user navigation. 

File Handling:

  • Ctrl+S: Save file
  • Ctrl+O: Save as
  • Ctrl+R: Insert file
  • Ctrl+X: Exit Nano


  • Ctrl+K: Cut line
  • Alt+6: Copy line
  • Ctrl+U: Paste
  • Alt+T: Cut to end
  • Alt+Q: Find backward
  • Alt+W: Find forward
  • Alt+R: Replace
  • Alt+U: Undo
  • Alt+E: Redo

Search and Replace:

  • Ctrl+Q: Backward search
  • Ctrl+W: Forward search
  • Alt+Q: Find backward (replace)
  • Alt+W: Find forward (replace)


  • Ctrl+H: Delete before
  • Ctrl+D: Delete under
  • Alt+Bsp: Delete word left
  • Ctrl+Del: Delete word right


  • Ctrl+T: Execute command
  • Ctrl+J: Justify
  • Alt+J: Justify buffer
  • Alt+B: Syntax check
  • Alt+F: Formatter
  • Alt+: : Macro record
  • Alt+;: Replay macro

Moving Around:

  • Ctrl+B: Backward
  • Ctrl+F: Forward
  • Ctrl+A: Start of line
  • Ctrl+E: End of line
  • Ctrl+P: Line up
  • Ctrl+N: Line down
  • Ctrl+Y: Page up
  • Ctrl+V: Page down
  • Alt+\: Top of buffer
  • Alt+/: End of buffer

Special Movement:

  • Alt+G: Go to line
  • Alt+]: Complementary bracket
  • Alt+<: Switch to preceding buffer
  • Alt+>: Switch to succeeding buffer


  • Ctrl+C: Cursor position
  • Ctrl+G: Help text
  • Alt+A: Mark on/off
  • Shift+Tab: Unindent region
  • Alt+V: Verbatim input
  • Alt+N: Line numbers on/off
  • Alt+P: Whitespace on/off
  • Ctrl+L: Refresh screen

Download Nano Cheatsheet:

This cheat sheet is available at and you can see it there too. If you want to download the cheatsheet on your phone, just click the below download link.


The Termux Nano cheatsheet empowers users to harness the full potential of this user-friendly text editor within the Termux environment. Whether you're a novice looking to enhance your command line text editing skills or an experienced user seeking to streamline your workflow, this cheat sheet provides a comprehensive reference guide for mastering Nano in Termux.

As an indispensable companion, this cheatsheet seamlessly blends accessibility with advanced functionalities, propelling users toward mastering Nano in Termux. With its wealth of commands and organized structure, every keystroke becomes a powerful tool, making your experience with Nano in Termux not just functional but truly empowering. Let this cheat sheet be your reliable companion, enhancing your proficiency and efficiency in text editing within the dynamic realm of Termux. Stay ethical 👾.

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