Install All programming languages in Termux 👩🏻‍💻

Hey, coding enthusiasts! 🚀 SaadMaqsood here, and guess what? We're about to give your Termux a serious upgrade – we're talking all the programming languages in one sweet swoop! 🤯 Buckle up because this guide is about to turn your Termux into a coding paradise. From Python's versatility to the intricate world of Rust, we're breaking barriers and making your Android the ultimate coding playground. So, let's crank up the coding vibes and sprinkle some magic on your Termux. Get ready for a wild ride in the world of limitless possibilities! 💻✨

How to Install All Programming Languages in Termux?

I have listed the top 10 most common programming languages. You can just copy-paste the commands to install most of the languages but few of them are tricky to install. make sure to read the artical properly. 

1. Rust Language Installation:

apt install rust


Embrace the power of systems programming on your Android device with Rust. This versatile language offers high performance and memory safety, making it ideal for building efficient and reliable applications.

2. PHP Language Installation:

apt install php


Seamlessly integrate server-side scripting capabilities into your Termux environment with PHP. Enhance your web development experience and run dynamic scripts directly on your Android device.

3. Java Language Installation (without root):

pkg install openjdk-17


Unlock the potential of Java on your Android without needing root access. Java brings platform independence and robust capabilities to your Termux environment, enabling the development and execution of Java applications.

4. Go Programming Language Installation:

apt install golang


Bring simplicity and concurrency to your Android environment by installing Go. This language is designed for efficiency, making it an excellent choice for concurrent programming on Termux.

5. Bash Language Installation:

apt install bash


Strengthen your scripting game by adding Bash to your Termux arsenal. Bash scripting is a powerful tool for automating tasks and enhancing your command-line experience.

6. Python 2 Language Installation:

apt install python2


Add Python 2 to your mobile coding toolkit for legacy support. Python 2 remains relevant for specific projects and scripts, providing a bridge to the past in your Termux environment.

7. Git GitHub Tool Installation:

apt install git


Streamline version control and collaboration with Git on Termux. Git is an essential tool for managing projects, tracking changes, and fostering efficient collaboration.

8. Ruby Language Installation:

apt install ruby


Dive into dynamic, object-oriented programming with Ruby. Ruby's elegant syntax and developer-friendly features make it a valuable addition to your Termux environment.

9. Python Language Installation:

apt install python


Integrate the versatile and widely used Python language into Termux. Python offers a broad range of applications, from scripting to web development, enhancing your coding capabilities.

10. C Language Installation:

apt install clang


Dive into low-level programming by adding C to your Termux environment. C provides fine-grained control over system resources, making it a go-to language for building efficient and high-performance applications on Termux.


🚀 By wielding these straightforward commands, you've transformed your humble Termux into an unstoppable coding powerhouse. Now equipped with an arsenal of programming languages, your Android device is ready to tackle a diverse range of coding challenges. Dive into the limitless possibilities, experiment fearlessly, and relish the sheer convenience of mobile coding. Termux has flung open the doors to a world of potential, catering to developers at every level, from eager beginners to seasoned pros. So, buckle up and immerse yourself in the joy of coding within your new Termux playground! Happy coding! Stay Ethical 👾.

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