Termux Tmate : Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser

On my website, you can find multiple posts about how you can Access Termux In Windows or how you can Install Termux on PC. Those methods are awesome but what if you wanna access your termux from a remote computer? So In this post, I am gonna show you how you can use your termux from anywhere in the world using this simple tool

What is Termux Tmate?

Termux Tmate is a tool that allows you to access terminals from remote computers. Using this tool you can share your screen with your friends or anyone you want to get help with. This is a simple package in termux and you can install it with one single command.

Termux Tmate : Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser

If you have a friend and you want to you teach him something on termux, you can access his terminal using termux Tmate and teach him remotely. This tool can come in handy when you are stuck on something and you want to get help. You just have to share a URL with the person who can solve your problem and as soon as they click on the link they will be controlling your termux with their PC or phone.

You can also Use termux Tmate to use your termux in your PC. It does not matter whether you are using a Linux machine, Windows or mac because to access your termux using this you just have to use a browser. This tool creates a URL that you can paste into any Browser and it will open your termux in the browser and from there you can fully control your termux app.

How to Install Tmate In Termux?

Tmate is just a simple package in termux and you only need 592KB of Data to download it in your termux aap. After installation, it will only take 4MB of space in your phone so it is super lightweight. To install Tmate in termux you just have you type the below command.
pkg install tmate

Termux Tmate : Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser

If you face any Error while Installing this tool then type pkg update and then try again and it will work. 

How To Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser :

Step 1:

You have already installed Tmate in termux and you just have to run it using the below command in termux. 
tmate -F
Termux Tmate : Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser

Step 2:

Now you will see multiple links on Your Termux Screen and you just have to copy the Web session Link, You can also see the below image for reference. Just copy the Complete URL.

Termux Tmate : Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser

Step 3:

Send this link to the person who wants to access your termux or if you want to access it in your Browser then you need to paste this URL into your computer browser. You can log in to WhatsAppWeb and share your ULR to any random friend and then on your PC WhatsAppWeb click on the link and you will be able to access your Termux in your Browser.

Termux Tmate : Access Termux Remotely In Any Browser

Tips About the Termux Tmate:

This tool is secure to use because anytime you press control + D on any terminal doesn't matter your phone or the browser, the session will be closed. You will also be able to control it both the way that means you can control your termux from your phone as well as Browser at the same time. On your browser, you can Press control + - to adjust your screen size.

This is just remote access like we do using TeamViewer or anydesk application. you can also Install a Separate Termux Apk on Your Computer. or You can Access Termux App Using Your Local Network with Much Faster and Efficient Speed.

Conclusion :

Termux Tmate it is a decent tool to access termux from remote computers. It is especially helpful when you are working in a team or teaching each other. This tool is working perfectly but it will lag if you are internet is weak. If you are only using this tool to access termux in your computer then there is a much efficient way for that. You can use this [ perfect method to access your termux using a simple ssh server ]. If you want you can also [ Install A Full Termux in Your Windows PC ]. If you are facing any errors using this tool then you can always comment and down below. Thanks for reading this post, Stay Inspired and as always Stay Ethical👾.

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