How to Lock Your Termux using Single command - 2020

In This Post, you are going to Learn how you Password Protect Termux by just using a single command and after this post, no one will be able to use your Termux without your permission.

When we use Termux we install multiple packages as well as GitHub projects that help us do all sorts of hacking, sniffing, information gathering But it also contains important information of us like Public IP, Open ports, etc. all the tools in termux create come level of vulnerability in your system like turning Debugging mode on or turning on hotspot opening ports. If someone knows what you are doing there or more chance of your getting hacked then you will hack them (of course not in all case). Sometimes people use your phone to do attacks on other's systems to protect themself from getting caught. ( like people can use SMS bombing attacks  carelessly and can flood someone's phone for revenge ).

Although If you are an only hacker in your friend circle , you don't need password protection But Sometimes people get curious and try to use your apps as well as termux and to protect your privacy you can use this Termux-Lock. This tool is originally created by this Github page. This tool will only ask a password before you use termux and it will not do anything more than that.

Lock Your Termux using Single command:.

Step 1:

To Enable the Lock Feature in Termux you have to perform list of commands but i have combined all the commands so you don't have to waste your time copying them one by one and paste it on termux. just copy-paste below command in Termux 

cd && apt update && apt upgrade -y && apt install python2 bash git -y && git clone && cd locktermux && bash

 Now wait for Sometimes and Let it install Everything.

Step 2:

Now You will see "Enter new Password:"
Just type any password You want in my case I am typing Kali.
Press Enter and the same password again and you will see Login installed!

Step 3:

Restart Termux and will see the Password field.
Now type your password here, You will not be able to see what you are typing but just type the correct password and press Enter and it will let you use termux if you type the correct password. If you type the wrong password it will throw an error and termux will be shut down automatically.

Update Your Password in Termux-Lock:

Update Password:

Just paste The below code and you will see Password Field again just type new password and Retype the same password again and Your password will be updated. 
cd && cd locktermux && bash

Remove Termux Lock in Termux:

Just copy and paste this command and Termux-Lock will be Permanently Uninstalled from your Termux.
as well the locktermux folder will be completely deleted from your system.
cd && cd locktermux && rm $PREFIX/bin/ && cp old_login $PREFIX/bin/login && chmod 700 $PREFIX/bin/login && echo termux-login removed && cd && rm -rf locktermux 


Termux-Lock is a good way to change the feel of your Termux as well as it adds security. i have made the installation very simple for you, if you have any questions or you want me to write a post on any topic just let me know in the comments.If something is not working please let me know i will fix it as immediately. You can also Read[Parrot-OS Shell Command-Line in Termux - 2020]. Thanks for reading Guys and as always Stay EthicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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  1. bro i forgot my password

    1. If u hadnt done a backup then the only choice u prob have is to just reinstall termux or..... is it possible to access the '/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc' folder? If so then you could prob change the code from there... not sure if thats possible tho...

  2. Umm, hello...

    I modified the folder with a simple while loop so that when the passwords downt match it makes the user input the pass again instead of saving it as pass anyway, i learned quite a bit while doing so.

    I wanted to know if there was a way to upload the file to you so that you can change it with the original file in the instalation...

    Hope u reply soon, really exited!

    1. Ohhh, I am really happy to see that you are trying something new πŸ’– YOu can fork this github repo and change anything you want and it will be your own version of the tool and people will start using it.

    2. Thank you for mentioning that, the only problem is is that i honestly dont know how exactly to for a file from the termux application...
      If im honest the only way i managed to edit the code correctly is because i have experience with C++ (the shell code kind of threw me off) also, i have found out that, after updating all my work was undone ;(.

      Also, i would honestly love to learn how to correctly write some of my own code and upload it to github (when i learn how to do so) any suggestions on how to disallow the code from updating that specific file? Or at least having it update with my own work when i figure put how to actually use learn how to send the file from termux to github correctly...

    3. To edit or to fork a project from github you need to do it out of the temux, you can read about github for more information, If you wanna write termux tools then you just need to learn bash programming. ( i mostly code on github and to test that code i download that project from my termux using git clone command )


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