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πŸ‘Ύ How to install Lazy Script in Termux - 2020

In this post, I am going to tell you about a termux tool that is specially made for beginners.

Termux lazy script is a tool created by technical Mujeeb on GitHub that allows you to use termux in the laziest way. This tool will allow you to do tasks by selecting options. This is script is good for beginners because most of the beginners don't know the commands, and this script will give them a list of options where they can select the task and it will do it without asking the command.

Termux lazy script is a basic tool that will have you with beginner-level things like showing I config result, it will tell your public IP, your architecture, storage info and user ID, it also contains 2 brute force tools which will help you with brute-forcing Hotmail and Yahoo which is not much useful in 2020. Some tools are not working but maybe it will get fixed after some time.

Some useful tools in the Termux-Lazy-Script are Heart-Bleed scanner, Public IP, Whois lookup. you can try them all one by one to see which tool is your favorite. If You are Intermediate or an advance Termux user, Don't expect too much from this script.

How to install Lazy Script in Termux:

Just Copy-Paste Below Commands One by one and Termux-Lazy-Script will be installed In your Termux app.

Step 1:
This command will check the dependencies and update them to the current date.
apt update && apt upgrade -y
Press Enter if asks about the version.

Step 2:
This command will install the python2 in git in your termux. Git package will be used to get the Lazy-script from the GitHub repository.
pkg install git python2 -y

Step 3:
The git-clone command will download the desired project from the GitHub repository.
git clone

Step 4:
Here we have to change the directory to the Termux-Lazyscript folder if you don't understand this command it's highly recommended to check out this blog [Basic Termux commands complete guide]
cd Termux-Lazyscript

Step 5:
Give Executable permissions to every file in the current directory.
chmod +x *

 Step 6:
Install Requirements for the Termux Lazy script by typing below command

How to use Lazy Script: 

Run Lazy Script:
You can run the Lazy Script by typing below command. If you Restart the Termux then you have to first move into the Termux-Lazyscript then you can type below command.

You can select an option from the given list by typing the number before the name. Some of the tools are not working because of dependencies.


Termux lazy script is just a simple Python tool that will give you some advantage of getting the desired output while you don't know the actual command. If you are a beginner and literally don't know about termux then it is OK to rely on this script but if you know how to use termux then trie to explore the actual commands and avoid using script if you want to learn hacking using termux. The lazy script was to overrated on the internet that's why I have written this post. If you want me to make a script same as lazy script then you can comment down below and I will work on it. Thanks for reading and as always stay ethicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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