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What is SMS and Call Bombing?

SMS or Call bombing allows a hacker to send 100s of SMS in a min to the victim. When hackers do the SMS or Call bombing then the victim's phone starts getting messages or Calls continuously. There are a lot of tools available on the internet but most of them are not working we are going to use the TBomb tool.

This Tool can be very useful to delay any criminal activity. To use this tool You must have termux on your android phone. This tool works on python and installation is very simple.
This Tool is created by The speedX on Github.

You can use this tool To do pranks but don't use this tool to harm anyone. Using this tool carelessly will cause a lot of trouble like if someone's phone getting this spam SMS then they can miss some important messages and Call bombing prevents people from getting the important call which is really bad. 

NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

How to install TBomb on termux?

Step 1:
This command will Update the termux So we will not get errors while installation of the tool.
apt update && apt upgrade
Press N if Termux asks about the version.

Step 2:
This command will install the git package which will allow us to download projects from the GitHub Repository.
pkg install git

(While installing if it is asking do you wanna Continue just press y and enter.)

Step 3:
The git-clone command will download the desired project from the GitHub repository.
git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git

Step 4:
change the directory to the TBomb folder if you don't understand this command it's highly recommended to check out this blog [Basic Termux commands complete guide]
cd TBomb

Step 5:
Now Give the access permission to the shell file of TBomb by using the Below command.
chmod +x TBomb.sh

How to use TBomb on termux?

To Run the TBomb just type the below command.

The only first time it asks for installation. Press Enter to install all the requirements.

For SMS Bombing Press 1.
For Call bombing press 2.

Now Enter the country code and Phone number of the user. if you are not sure of the setting then use the recommended suggestion.

Unlimited SMS bombing Call bombing using termu0

After Pressing enter the bombing will start please don't use this tool too much because you are spamming all 
these websites with your IP Adress.

Test Run:
I tested this tool on my number For 10 Sec and I Got 8 Sms from random websites.
here is a screen-shot.

Unlimited SMS bombing Call bombing using termu0


SMS or Call Bombing is one of the most powerful tools in Hacking because of the fact that no one can Stop Hackers to use This Attack, To stop this Victim has to turn off the phone or block calls and SMS from unknown sources in both the case Victim will be unable to get the call from any other source And this is all in your control by just using this tool. Please Never Miss-Use any Tools or it will cause a lot of trouble for you. Stay Ethical😄. Thanks for reading and If you have any questions or you are getting any problem while installing the tool then comment down below I will be happy to help you.👾 Also Read [Top 10 Termux Secret Commands You Don't Know]

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  1. Ok but ise badme band kaise kare

  2. Replies
    1. Just Press CTRL+Z or CTRL+C and it will be stopped.

  3. You can use linkvertise for Ads.

  4. how to rerun it ??
    which command will use?

  5. Bro when I press 1 ./TBomb.sh: line 47: python3: command not found
    $ come like this please reply

    1. Try installing Python3 by using pkg install python3
      and then run it again.

      Please reply if it works or not

  6. We could not install dependencies.
    Please make sure you have git, python3, pip3 and requirements installed.
    Then you can execute bomber.py .

  7. Can anyone track me if I use this? I mean can anyone find out about me via ip address or anything?

    1. No, But cross the limits or you will get caught

  8. can anyone track me doing this via ip address or anything?

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  10. Secret commands are really amazing interested.

  11. Hi, i want to know is there any method to prevent or block TBombing ???

  12. Thanks bro
    It was really helpful 😊

  13. not work in Bangladesh why

    1. Try to type the phone number in international format

    2. Hey saad, i added you on instagram. Please follow back . My instagram is @theonlyragy Thanks again.

  14. I just read the post and the comments above, it looks amazing.
    thanks for sharing such information.
    Regards: SMS BOMBER