Evil Eye Permanent Banner in Termux | Crazy banner Termux

In This post, you are going to learn how you can add permanent Evil eye banner in your termux header with just a few simple steps. Evil eye script is created by Bhai4You on GitHub, With the help of this script we can add custom text plus evil eye logo in termux and whenever we will open a new session we will see the specified text with Evil eye logo.

This script will install multiple packages like figlet, toilet, cow say, nano, ruby, local cat.which are in build in termux repository and use these packages to display the crazy eye banner in termux. You can also create your own banner but it will take a little bit extra knowledge about these packages in termux. for now, we will use this simple script to make our banner.

How to Add Evil Eye Permanent Banner in Termux?

Just Copy-Paste these commands One by one and Your Banner will be added.

Step 1:
This command will install the git package which will allow us to download The Evil Eye projects from the GitHub Repository.
pkg install git -y

Step 2:
The git-clone command will download the Evil Eye project from the GitHub repository in Your Termux.Size of this Project is Less than 12 KB so it will be installed in 1 second.
git clone https://github.com/Bhai4You/Termux-Banner

Step 3:
Change the directory to the Termux-Banner folder if you don't understand this command it's highly recommended to check out this blog [Basic Termux commands complete guide]
cd Termux-Banner

Step 4:
Now Give access permission to All the Files in the Termux-Banner Folder so we can Run the bash command and install requirements and run all the bash files in the folder.
chmod +x *

Step 4:
Install Requirements for the Crazy Eye banner. Below command will install figlet, toilet, cow say, nano, ruby, local cat in your termux. This can use your More then 100 Mb of data if you are using mobile data.
bash requirement.sh

Step 5:
Run: Type below command to run the t-ban.sh file. if you want to change the banner and add a new Text, you can use this code to run the file again.
bash t-ban.sh

Step 6:

  1. Type your banner name which will be displayed below the Evil Eye Logo.
  2. Type Your Cowsay name which will be in the top left corner and it will be small as compared to banner text.

How to Remove Evil Eye Banner in Termux?

Please Only use this command if Don't Have Anything That auto starts in termux, this Command will reset your bash.bashrc file which is in termux to autorun the command it contains whenever new sessions get started.

Step 1:
Restart your termux or Navigate out of the Termux-Banner folder and type below command.
rm -rf Termux-Banner

This command will delete the Termux-Banner Folder from the termux.

Step 2:
Uninstall the packages which are installed by the Termux-Banner requirements file.
gem uninstall lolcat && pkg uninstall figlet toilet cowsay nano ruby

Step 3:
Copy and Paste Everything from below code box to Termux terminal and press Enter.
Reset the bash.bashrc file to the default configuration.
This command will remove the commands of the Termux-Banner script from the termux startup folder.

Now open a new session and The Termux Evil Eye banner will be completely removed from your termux.


Evil Eye is a Grate tool especially if you are making tutorials, You can also use this tool for fun. If you want I can Break down these steps for making banner so you can design something new from scratch. Removing evil eye is easy as well but please copy the whole command from the box and paste as it is and then press Enter and you will get no error. Thanks for Reading 😄.

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