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Basic commands in termux.

Termux is a great tool that allows you to access and Use advanced Linux tools without root on your android phone. Termux is Command-line based and to use this app the most basic thing you should know is commands. in this post we are going to learn about the most basic commands in the termux app.

If you know all the commands below you can easily navigate in termux and please practice this command so you can learn more advanced stuff more easily. if you wanna know why you must learn termux then check this post.[what is termux?]

List of All the Termux Basic Commands:

You can run this command in a sequence to practice and know yourself how these commands work on termux.if you have any questions or ideas please comment I will be happy to help you.

>Note: If any part of the command is green that means it is a variable. The green part of the code will change according to the situation.

Update all the packages and dependencies installed on the system:

apt update && apt upgrade
If any update is available it will ask you on the terminal if you want to upgrade or not, press Y if you want the update.

Grant storage permission:

now you can access your Storage and all the folder in it using termux.

Know Which directory you are in:

This command will tell you, your present working directory

List all the files and directories:

this command will show you the folder and files in your current working directory.

List all the files and directories including Hidden Files:

ls -a
ls command with -a will show you all the hidden files as well.

List all the files with file size :

ls -lh
ls command with -lh will show you all the files as well as their file size. you can also include -a which will become -lha and it will show you all hidden files in a list with file sizes.

Move forward in directories:

cd storage
cd command allows you to move in a folder just type cd and the folder name you wanna move here I am moving in storage.

Move backward in directories:

cd ..
 by typing cd ..(between cd and .. we have to put space) you will go back in the directory you were in.

Clear Screen:

by typing clear in the termux you can clear all the previous results.

Create a folder or a directory:

mkdir folderName
mkdir Stand for make directory. Type mkdir and give a space and type folder name and press enter to see the folder you have just created just type ls.

Delete a folder or a directory:

rmdir folderName
Rmdir stands for Remove Directory.Type rmdir space folder name to remove that folder.

Delete Non-Empty directory or folder in termux:

rm -rf folderName
Please use this command with caution. This command will remove a folder and all the files and folders within it. This command is useful when you want to delete any project downloaded from Github.

Copy a file from one directory to another directory:

cp files-name file-path
You can copy files by typing cp the file name and after giving a space you can type the path where you wanna copy the file E.g: cp virus.apk /storage/shared this will copy the virus.apk to the storage/shared folder.

Move a file from one directory to another directory:

mv files-name file-path
You can move files by typing mv the file name and after giving a space you can type the path where you wanna move the file E.g: mv virus.apk /storage/shared this will move the virus.apk to the storage/shared folder.

Search for the specific package in termux:

pkg search package-name
It will show you all the package related to that package name.

See the Details of a Package in Termux:

apt show nano
This command will show you the complete detail of a package.

List all the available packages in termux:

pkg list-all
it will show you all the packages that are available in the APT repository of termux.

Install a Package:

pkg install packageName
you can install any package from the list, just type pkg install package-name.

Uninstall a Package:

pkg uninstall packageName
you can uninstall any package from the list, just type pkg uninstall will ask you where if you wanna delete the package or not press y and the package will be uninstalled.

Install Python in termux:

pkg install python
Just type this command and it will be installed in your termux press y if it asks for confirmation. after installing python you can write code and also run your own python scripts. Type python to check if python is installed correctly or not.

Install Git in termux:

pkg install git
Git will allow you to download any project from GitHub.

Download projects from GitHub repository :

git clone Link-of-the-project
If you want to download any project from the github you can just use the above just change the Link-of-the-project with your link
e.g: git clone

Download any file from Internet :

wget Link-of-the-file
If you want to download any file from the internet you just have to change the Link-of-the-file with your link. see the below example. (The below command will just download a demo text file from the internet to your termux). 
e.g: wget 

Check all the running processes in Termux:

This command will show you all the tasks running on your termux. To quit the top command on termux just press CTRL+C on your keyboard.

Make any bash file Executable :

chmod +x filename

If you are trying to run any bash file and you are getting a permission denied error then you can  use the above command to make it executable 

Create a text file in termux:

  1. First, you have to download a package name nano. Type on termux pkg install nano press y when asking for confirmation.
  2. Type nano on the terminal.
  3. Type anything you want I am typing hello world.
  4. Press CTRL+X and press Y to save the file.
  5. Give the file name anyname.txt and press enter.
  6. Type ls command to see your directory.

Create a new Empty file:

touch file-name
create a new empty file or update the modification time of an existing file.
e.g: cat data.txt

See what's inside a text file:

cat file-name
Run this command and everything in the text file will be printed on the terminal.
e.g: cat data.txt

Delete a file in termux:

rm file-name
To delete any file within the directory, just type your file's rm name and press enter, and it will be deleted.
e.g: rm data.txt

List all the installed Packages in termux:

dpkg --list
By Using this command You will be able to see all the installed packages in your termux app.

List all commands that You have used in termux:

This command will give you a list of all the recent commands that you have used in termux.

Check your Username :


This will show you the user-name in your termux.

See calendar in Termux :


This command will display a calendar and show you the current date.

Check your Termux usage time :


This will show, How much time you have spent using termux.

Check your Kernel info in Termux:

uname -a

This will show you info about your system as well as you can also check your Architecture using this command. 

Check Network Interface Configuration:


This command will show you your network information including your Local IP address.

Check Connectivity with any server/ping a server:

ping Ip-or-URL-or-the-server

send packets to a network host to check its connectivity. People also use ping to check their internet connection.
Example : ping 

Check your Memory Usage in Termux:

free -h -t
This will show you the amount of free and used memory in the system. This command can also be used to clean non-used files from the termux.

Set Alias in Termx ( Make your own command shortcuts):

alias d="cd storage/shared/Download"

Alias is the command that you can do to make shortcut commands. like in above example you can see that I have use "d" as a command to change my directory to the Download folder inside my internal storage.  so now whenever I type d and press enter, I will be inside the downloads folder. You can change the above green code with your own example and learn it's working.

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Termux Basic Commands pdf Download:

Here is the pdf file which contains all the above command as well as some extra commands so you can read it offline and learn as much as possible. (Don't Worry, I am Not Using any Shot Links )

Termux basic commands PDF

Termux Basic commands Video In Hindi [Part 1]: 

I Have Uploaded 3 Videos Regarding Termux Basic Commands on my Youtube channel, but these Videos are in Hindi, I will soon create a full Video about Termux commands in English Till then, If you are From India then You can Watch this Video, and I have only given link of the First part here, but you will find the next part of this video in the end screen.


The above commands are very basic commands and it will not make you a hacker but trust me it will be in use whenever you are using terminal or termux. learning to operate on CLI (command line interface) is really important if you wanna get into cybersecurity. I didn't include all the commands but almost everything important is there, You can also Checkout my [Top 10 Termux Secret commands ] If you think I missed something, you can comment I will include that in this post. If you wanna make termux easier then you can install FishShell in termux, It will give you auto suggestions in termux. [Install-Fish-shell-In-Termux].Thanks For reading Guys and as always Stay EthicalπŸ‘Ύ.

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